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Calling all speakers

My good friend Audie Chamberlain is hosting a free workshop that I know many of you would benefit. He is going to show you how to submit speaker submission applications for NAR NXT and other events.

Click this link to register = > Lion & Orb Workshop: Speaker Submissions

Greetings from London

I’m on vacation traveling with the family in the U.K. and having a blast. Quick story, my son Toby plays tennis for the JV team at his High School. Wimbledon is going this week so we thought we would try and get tickets. Tickets are distributed via a lottery system (we missed that) and are incredibly expensive if you buy them from a 3rd party (scalper) but they have a program called “The Queue” where they set aside a tickets for people who buy at the event. You just have to can come early and line.

We made the trek (along with my brother in law Tony) from our hotel at 4 AM (figured we get there early), took a cab, and much to our dismay it looked like people could camp there overnight as well. Hopefully there would still be tickets left, maybe not to see a match but get in and watch matches from the lawn.

We were given a ticket (it was all very well organized) we happened to be 1120 – 1122. The guy behind us (local) said “brilliant” when he got his ticket because apparntely anything below 1500 meant we had a chance at least for Court 2.

Well after 6 hours of waiting in line (along with a couple bacon sandwiches from the food truck) we were able to get and purchase tickets ($140 each, way below what the scalpers were asking for) and we got on to Court 1. And wow what amazing seats! Toby was thrilled.

We got to see some great tennis from Daniil Medvedev (Men’s number 3 in the world) and Aryna Sabalenka (Women’s number 2 in the world).

You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see more photos. Cheers!

Event: Turn On

As one does, I was going through my inbox and came across a gem from Marc Davison of 1000watt. The piece is entitled, The harpoon and the row boat. Marc is a great writer, and for some reason when I read anything he writes I hear the voice of Bono from U2 in my head. Are they really going to perform without Larry Mullen Jr.?? But I digress.

The article is an example of the deep thinking the guys at 1000watt put into real estate. In this case “recruiting”. But it’s more than “recruiting”. It’s coming at a problem with a design mindset. It’s asking question after question after question after question until you get to the essence of the problem you are trying to solve.

What the article also reminded me of is an event 1000watt is hosting next month in Portland, Oregon. It’s called TURN ON. I’m going and I CAN NOT WAIT! And what I have written about this event before is still true today.

“So if you want to cleanse your palette of the normal, because in 2023 we are all going to need new ideas and inspiration, then you should sign up too.”

The guys at 1000watt have been generous to give me a couple tickets to give away at a phoneomal discount. But only to those who haven’t registered already.

So if you are interested in joining me and other truth seekers be one of the first ones to reach out to me I’ll send you a link.


List of 2023 Real Estate Events


“We intend to make this list as comprehensive and up to date as possible over the course of the year. Email daniel@inman.com with events for consideration or with changes to events already on the calendar. Please include the name of the event, the date and a website as we update the post periodically.”

I’ve tried and failed at putting together a list like this hopefully Daniel and Inman News does a better job. I’m going to be optimistic and bookmark this in my browser. Thanks Inman News!

UPDATE: WAV GROUP also has an excellent resource => Real Estate Events and Happenings

New Event: Join us in Orange County on September 27th

I’m kinda bummed that iOi Summit and CMLS are booked for the same week. Just another scheduling victim of the pandemic. CMLS runs from September 28 to September 30 and I’m way excited about going to Indianapolis, for what feels like a back-to-normal CMLS.

That being said Drew Meyers of Geek Estate reached out to me and asked if I wanted to co-host a pre-party for iOi Summit in Orange County. Drew does these “Sorries” as part of his GEM group. I had a bunch of fun with my Orange County Prop Tech Summit so I immediately said “Yes”!

Anyway, we will be holding it at Dan and my garage/office/maker space. See the link below if you are interested in attending.

Link for more details – > GEM Soiree – OC Edition

I just hope I don’t miss my flight to Indy the next morning!

P.S. For those of you coming to iOi Summit and not familiar with the area, the location of this event (Costa Mesa, CA – Orange County) is at least 45 min to an hour away (depending on traffic) from the iOi Summit event hotel (JW Marriott Los Angeles), so plan accordingly. If you are flying into the John Wayne airport (SNA) the event is only about 10 mins away.

See you in Texas!

I’ll be at the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meetings this weekend. I’ll be giving an “Industry Update” at the Technology/MLS Forum on Saturday, Feb. 12 from 2-3pm. The event is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Austin.

I’ll give you 3 guesses of where you can find me otherwise.

Orange County PropTech Mixer is next week!

Pretty stoked about the response I’ve been getting for this event. We have a lot of great people attending and I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone. If you are in town I hope you can join us. We have a limited space on the patio reserved for us and just a few tickets left!

Register => Orange County PropTech Mixer

Join Us!

If you happen to be in Southern California I hope you will join us! To register just click here ==> Orange County Proptech Mixer

Greater Las Vegas Association MLS Tech Forum – See you there!

I look forward to GLVAR MLS Tech Forum every year. Stephanie Hill puts on a great event. The event is next week and this year the one and only Stefan Swanepoel will be doing the keynote.

Surprisingly enough they asked me to kick off the event by moderating a panel on technology. So I reached out to a diverse set of people I really respect and who are much smarter than me, Greg Fischer, Sarah Trent Miranda, and Jeff Turner. But I wanted to be a little counter intuitive, and ask the panel, “What technology do agents actually need?”

So if you are in Las Vegas, come join us!

See you in Austin!

Really excited about seeing and catching up with everyone at CMLS next week!

I’m going to be giving my “Industry Update” again, this year. I’m told it was the highest rated session of CMLS last year in Las Vegas (and the lowest). I’ll be onstage Friday the 15th at 8:50am, Lauren Hansen will be doing an introduction, so don’t go big on Thursday night!

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