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RE/MAX is whack!

This is dope yo….

Is this the future of listing photos?


I’m not sure if this is a new trend or something that I’m just being made aware of, but people are starting to show up in listing photos.  And not just ordinary people, but scantly clad females……in a pillow fights?

Here a are just a few “listing photos” I recently pulled from this agent’s website (not craigslist!):


I wonder if this is going to be brought up at NAR’s next MLS policy committee meeting?  Possibly a new classification,  IDseX?

Thank you.  Thank you.  I’ll be here all night, don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses!

Happy Holidays from Vendor Alley!

My thanks to Mike Sparr for sending me the above image. Congrats for making the Genius30 list too Mike!

If you haven’t seen this sketch on SNL check it out here.

The Real Reason REALTORS Are In Love With QR Codes!


RPR Dress Code Memo Leaked!

Vendor Alley has been forwarded a page from the official RPR dress code policy handbook. Take a look! (Click the image to get a a larger view)

Tough gig!

; )

Clareity’s 2010 NARlins’ Meeting Wrap Up is now posted

I love this picture of Gregg and Matt so much I stole it!

Check out Gregg’s wrap up. It’s a great read, as usual.

Dan Woolley meet….Dan Woolley!

This Tweet by Dan caused a bit of confusion today.

Here’s the full story.

Earlier today Dan and I were in the world headquarter of W&R Studios working and Dan got a phone call from a number he didn’t recognize. He picked up the phone and said, “Hi this Dan.” the voice on the other end of the phone said, “Dan Woolley? HI it’s me, Dan Woolley”


What happened next is a pretty funny story. But, it may be a bit confusing.

Turns out the Dan Woolley on the phone you have already heard about. His story was widely circulated in the press. He is a film maker who was down in Haiti to shoot a film on poverty. While he was there the earthquake happen and his was buried alive in rumble for over 60 hours. He took refuge in an elevator shaft and used a “first aid” app on his iPhone to survive!

Anyway he has written a book about the experience called “Unshaken”. And his publishers asked him if he could secure a url with his name www.DanWoolley.com. He went to buy the url but it was already taken and registered privately. He has tried to contact the owner but got no response.

So when doing a search on Google he found that the only other “Dan Woolley” of any prominence was the Dan Woolley we all know and love (the creator of Dwellicious and Cloud CMA).

Confused yet?

So he asked Dan if he owned the url. Turns out Dan did not. Which was a shame because I could imagine a deal where Dan sold him the url but in every TV interview he did to promote his book he would have to wear a Dwellicious T-Shirt!

Man I love me these interwebs!!

See below for a video on the “other” Dan Woolley book.

Is Gary Joyner NARScandal.com?

You got to hand it to Vendor Alley readers they always get their man!

Is Gary Joyner the dumbass whack-job conspiracy freak knucklehead is part of NARScandal.com?  We think so.  It looks like Gary’s sub par tech skills may have outed himself.  Vendor Alley reader Brian Bell easily cracked his site by cleverly letting the site time out to reveal his identity. (click on image below)

Right there for all the world to see gary@idxstudios.com.  Now we know why the site’s favicon is a “G”.

Lets hope he does a better job locking down sites for his customers!  And speaking of his “customers”.  Gary has quite a client list on his site http://www.idxstudios.com/clients.php Seems like Gary likes to stretch the truth a bit himself, might this be a new “scandal” he and his “staff of writers” at NARScandal.com can write about?  His “client list” includes: HGTV, Century21, AOL, The Wall Street Journal, Lehman Brothers, and the NYSE.

The NYSE?  REEEEALLY Gary?  The Wall Street Journal?  REEEEEEEEALLY Gary?  What did you do?  Take a picture of their lobby?

One word Gary, BULLSHIT!

If you are an MLS Provider I would strongly suggest you check your IDX agreements for Gary’s companies, idxmedia.com, idxstudios.com and indigo sun studios (isun.net). Not sure why Gary has so many names for companies that essentially provide the same service, but it sounds like a HUGE red flag.

Realtor’s Headshot Wins Listing! ; )

Very funny:

I Wasn’t Going To Buy This House Until I Saw The Realtor’s Headshot On The Sign

“Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions a person can make, so when I set out to purchase my first home, I didn’t take the matter lightly. Sure, the place I ended up with isn’t in the greatest shape, or even in the best part of town. And by any fair market estimate of its value, I certainly overpaid.

But as far as I was concerned, the deal was sealed the moment I saw real estate agent Mary T. Ellington looking back at me from that Re/Max sign, her face just barely visible over the rampant weeds growing in my new front lawn.”

The Onion via @jburslem

“I will survive” video -Title Edition

If you loved the “Life of a Realtor” video, then you’ll love Lisa Anglin of Fidelity Title singing “I will survive”

My favorite lyric:

“First I was afraid, I was petrfied. Kept thinking SB133 I’m surely gonna get fired….”

Thanks again Niki!

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