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Renwick Congdon RIP

Renwick Cogdon

It must have been the mid to late 90s, so pre-internet.  We were either exhibiting at a CAR trade show or maybe NAR Annual was in Anaheim that year.  IRIS was still a relatively new company and we had launched our Lightning product, which gave real estate agents a quick way to log in to different MLS systems (Moore Data and PRC).  In the booth next to us was a guy, who was solo at the time, selling software to create flyers and other marketing materials (Flyerware I think it was called) for agents, and it was Mac only.  His name was Renwick Congdon.

Typically when you are standing in a booth all day you strike up a conversation with the company next to you.  Maybe watch the booth while the other guy goes on a bathroom break.  I could tell Renwick was a smart guy, and like us he was a bootstrapper.  We started a friendship that would last over 25 years.

We would see each other at shows, check up on how our businesses were doing, grab dinner sometimes, share insights, and he talked about his family and that one of his daughters getting married.  He was very proud of his family.

I think he was one of my first interviews on my Listing Bits podcast.  We even flirted at joining forces back in 2015.  Kind of a “roll-up” strategy that never happens.  He didn’t need us.  With Imprev he created a monster of a business, I think he had all major franchisors on his platform.  He absolutely crushed it.  In late 2019 he sold his business to MoxiWorks.  I remember Dan and me talking about how great it was that “one of the good guys” got paid.  We called and congratulated him on his success.

When Covid hit, he reached out to Dan and me to check in and ask how we were doing.  He called to congratulate us in 2020 when Dan and I sold the business.

Renwick passed away last week.  I don’t know the details. But, I do know this, Renwick was a true innovator and his persistence should be an example to us all. 

My sincere condolences to his family.  He was truly, “one of the good guys”. Damn.

MoxiWorks/Vector Capital acquire Imprev

MoxiWorks Acquires Imprev, the Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Service

Robert Amen, Managing Director of Vector Capital, said, “We are pleased to support MoxiWorks’ acquisition of Imprev as it continues its relentless focus on its customers, client satisfaction, and deep, cross-industry relationships. Imprev enhances MoxiWorks’ technology and product offering and furthers the company’s ongoing mission to make real estate technology more automated.”

It looks like a classic roll-up strategy from Vector Capital. They first acquire MoxiWorks and now bring Imprev into the fold. I’m just glad no puppies were harmed.

I’ve known Renwick Congdon, CEO, and Founder of Imprev, for a very long time. Renwick is a principled and smart leader and has built an incredible company and team. Imprev’s Renwick’s first software application was as a real estate flyer program for Macs back in 2000 1994 (we were booth neighbors at NAR Annual 1996…time flies). He was one of my first guests on the Listing Bits podcast. Cheers my friend.

Edina chooses Imprev for marketing automation

Edina Realty Launches “Emma Marketing” Automation for Agents

“In addition to marketing automation, the branded marketing center powered by Imprev is a one-stop marketing shop for agents that includes an extensive library of more custom content. It completes the full marketing cycle by offering agents simple ways to promote their brand and nurture clients outside of marketing their listings.

“We looked at a number of different solutions in our journey to create Emma. Imprev is the best service we found! It’s an easy-to-use, unified solution with best-in-class technology that met all our goals. It’s exciting to see how we’ve been able to streamline our agent’s marketing experience while adding a brand-new dimension of service that they’ve never seen before,” shares David Schmid, vice president of product development at Edina Realty.

“Edina Realty is crafting an amazing experience for their agents by tapping into the power of new, powerful technologies,” says Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev. “A brokerage is in the unique position of having a high-level view of all its listings and pinpointing marketing trends, successes, and challenges. That means brokerages like Edina Realty can effectively enforce marketing best practices for agents through automation, which sets workflows in place that implement the best practices of the best agents across the entire business. Offering that type of value to agents is powerful, and we see it lead to greater success and more revenue for everyone.”

The value proposition for Imprev’s platform is huge for franchisors and any large brokerages. Although Edina’s choice of the name “Emma” did have me confused with a popular email service, “emma” I’ve used in the past.

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