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MRED adds Lone Wolf’s MLS-Connect for zipForm users

Partnership introduces MLS-Connect® for automated data entry in subscribers’ transactions management systems

With MLS-Connect, subscribers can enter a listing ID into Transactions and watch as MLS information populates directly into transaction documents. This gives subscribers the means to quickly and accurately fill out forms while avoiding manual data entry and costly errors.

“We are pleased to introduce MLS-Connect to our subscribers,” stated Rebecca Jensen, MRED President and CEO. “Modern real estate is a fast-paced industry and it’s our mission to help our subscribers perform at the highest possible level. Introducing an innovative solution like MLS-Connect means they can do that.”

Great time saver for agents and brokers.

Alaska MLS launches TransactionDesk and Authentisign as a new member benefit

Alaska MLS partners with Lone Wolf Technologies to deliver complete transaction suite to members

“AKMLS members will now have access to a complete transaction management solution as a free member benefit, integrated with the AKMLS system to populate, sign, and complete all forms necessary for their real estate deals. 

We’re thrilled to partner with Lone Wolf to bring these solutions to our members,” said Michael Smith, Chief Executive Officer of AKMLS. “Real estate has become increasingly digital, and for years, we have championed the use of technology in the industry. By providing our members with a user- and consumer-friendly way to complete home sales digitally, we’re helping them showcase their expertise in the market.” 

With the new enhancements to Authentisign and increased functionality and integration points with TransactionDesk AKMLS members are going to love this solution.

Inman News’ Craig Rowe reviews Lone Wolf’s new form editor

Lone Wolf enhances deal making with digital forms overhaul: Tech Review

“The longer a deal takes to get done, the greater the risk of something going wrong. The risk increases when deal data accumulates in unrelated channels, such as email inboxes, text messages or phone call notes scribbled on Post-Its.

Lone Wolf’s new forms editor addresses these challenges by collecting every deal-engagement point into a single interface, called the Workspace. Click the Parties menu to see and contact essential deal stakeholders, review and confirm suggested documents in the Forms tab, verify the Listing information, Offer points and use the Clauses menu to add and edit existing clauses or to create new ones.”

Good review. I have written about this new release and how fast I thought it was, but I think this review emphasizes the “why” of the need for speed (apologies to Maverick).

Lone Wolf announces a new form editor for zipForm

Meet your new forms editor in Transactions

“The new forms editor introduces several intelligent and intuitive features, giving agents and brokers everything they need to prepare and send forms faster than ever. With a new and improved workspace, you can auto-fill out forms, fill out multiple forms at once, mark up documents, add and personalize clauses, and quickly add signers and property information. “

Great update for all those local and state associations that re-signed with zipForm. Internally we have been calling this “Forms 4.0”, but if I got to pick a code name I would call it “Speed Demon”. And I think Dan Fortin and the product team at Lone Wolf have really knocked it out of the park.

“Speed Demon,” you say? Yes, this new updated skeuomorphic design is all about speed. The new workspace allows the user to fill out multiple fields at once and see transaction info, contact details, offer info, and much more—in one place. No more switching back and forth between forms. And leveraging some cool AI tools it auto-populates info from existing parties, listings, and offers forms. It even makes suggestions based on past transactions. All of this will reduce the time agents need to fill out forms.

The new forms editor also works perfectly with Authentisign.

Lone Wolf is rolling this out on a market-by-market basis. Once it is launched in a market agents will be given the choice of using the new editor or the current editor. Over time this option will go away.

So what about TransactionDesk users? Most likely this won’t be available to TD users until next year (I can’t believe it’s June already).

To see the new forms editor in action check out the video at the end of this post from Lone Wolf.

State and local associations now provide zipForm as a member benefit to over 665,000 members

Over 665,000 real estate agents in the U.S. get Lone Wolf Transactions as a member benefit

“These incredible associations have stepped up and are supporting their members at a crucial time,” said Lisa Mihelcich, GM of Associations at Lone Wolf. “We’re moving into a post-pandemic world and digital real estate transactions are more important than ever. Transactions is the top transaction management solution in the country, and the only one that can provide a complete and modern real estate experience for agents, brokers, buyers, and sellers. In that way, it’s not only a critical tool for real estate professionals, but for real estate as a whole.”

Great job by Lisa and her team at Lone Wolf and these state and local association leaders. This number is still growing. I think that number will get close to 1 million with the addition of new associations and with the option of a new bundle. As Victor Lund pointed out in a recent WAV Group blog post; Lone Wolf Provides Agent Business Bundle for $199 per year

“This bundle contains the LionDesk CRM – another company acquired by Lone Wolf—as well as the built-in eSignature solution, zipLogix Digital Ink (powered by Authentisign). It is a lot of software for a pretty low price:
-Transaction Management
-Forms Management
-Unlimited Document Storage

Lone Wolf has just recently completed integration work where you can run an ad with Boost, where leads will flow into Lion Desk. Then that lead information is sent to create a Cloud CMA, which can then kick off a listing agreement, and then a purchase agreement in zipForm or TransactionDesk. That property information can be uploaded to create a partial listing on the MLS. After the purchase is complete the agent can order a Home Warranty and then the transaction information is captured by Lone Wolf Back Office so the broker can issue a commission check to the agent. End to end baby.

The dream has always been to reduce or stop double/triple/quadruple entry of data. Lone Wolf customers can live in that world today.

Howard Hanna goes all-in with Lone Wolf

Best-in-class: Howard Hanna partners with Lone Wolf Technologies for brokerage transaction management, digital marketing, and more

“Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) and Howard Hanna Real Estate Services (“Howard Hanna”) are thrilled to announce an expansion of their partnership that extends the broker version of Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition), the real estate industry’s most-used transaction management solution, as well as top digital marketing tools, Boost, Connect, and Spacio, plus business intelligence from BrokerMetrics®, to the entire brokerage.”

I love it when a plan comes together…

MichRIC chooses to continue Lone Wolf’s zipForm as a member benefit

MichRIC® selects a suite of Lone Wolf Technologies products as a member benefit.

“With Transactions (zipForm Edition) being retired as a national member benefit at the end of 2021, MichRIC® has agreed to assume access to the Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) product as a benefit for their subscriber base of around 8,500. The association has also added additional Lone Wolf products—LionDesk, Digital Ink®, MLS-Connect, and zipForm® Mobile—as benefits for their members.”

Lisa Mihelcich’s team at Lone Wolf is doing a great job. They are rapidly moving the needle as more and more state and large local associations are choosing to take over the NAR member benefit with Lone Wolf. I also love seeing LionDesk added to the mix. More and more cool integrations are happening for LionDesk and Cloud CMA. Great for Michigan REALTORS.

A little help…

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Minnesota Realtors® choose Lone Wolf’s Transaction Management Solutions as a free member benefit

Lone Wolf partners with Minnesota Realtors® to provide transaction management solutions to its members in 2022

“Cambridge, ON and Dallas, TX – July 7, 2021 – Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”) and Minnesota Realtors® are pleased to announce a new agreement that brings real estate’s leading transaction management solutions, Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition) and Lone Wolf Transactions (TransactionDesk Edition), to the association’s 22,000 members as member benefits in 2022. The new agreement starts in September 2021.

“We’re happy to partner with Lone Wolf in providing digital form and transaction management tools to our members,” said Chris Gellar, CEO of Minnesota Realtors®. “These solutions put functionality and freedom of choice in our members’ hands and lets them spend more time servicing the needs of their clients.”

This is following a recent announcement that the California Association of REALTORS and the Texas Association of REALTORS (LOI) have also chosen to provide Lone Wolf’s Transaction Management Solutions as a free member benefit.

Something good in 2020

W+R Studios Announces Longest Free Trial Program in Company’s History

“Privately held software company, W+R Studios, announced today a nationwide campaign offering their popular Cloud Agent Suite free to all real estate agents up to February 2021. Beginning October 26th, agents can get up to 3 months of free service on real estate’s most popular tools.
The Cloud Agent Suite includes Cloud CMA (plus Homebeat and Cloud CMA Live), Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX, and Cloud Attract.”

2020 has been rough. We decided to spread a little love and let every real estate professional in North America try all our products free until February 2021. That’s almost 100 days of free service, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, through Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the entire month of January to start 2021 rolling! It’s our longest free promo ever.

Please help me spread the word! => Cloud Agent Suite FREE till February 2021

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