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What a crazy week

I think this NAR Midyear will go down in the record books as one of the most memorable. For good reasons and bad. First off I want to thank everyone for showing up at the Omni Sunday night. It was a great to see everyone in one place, even though the sole bartender probably needed therapy afterwards (I tried calling to warn them but nobody picked up). And a HUGE thank you to RoomVu for picking up the tab for the first round. RoomVu CEO, Sam Mehrbod, flight got cancelled so he couldn’t make it that evening but I sure he would appreciate if you dropped him a line on LInkedIn. And it was great to have Jeff Young there to give such an heart felt toast to Kristen. Thank you Jeff.

There is so much else to cover but I’m exhausted.

Godspeed everyone.

“I’m leaving this meeting!”

Heard an interesting story this week while out and about in DC. Apparently Anthony Lamacchia, a broker who just bought NAR President Kevin Sears’ brokerage, was a panelist on stage at the MLS policy meeting. I’m told during the panel Mr. Lammachia started discussing practices that seemed to encourage steering to the audience.

This caused quite a kerfuffle and NAR attorney, Charlie Lee, took to the stage. Apparently some in the audience left the meeting exclaiming “I’m leaving this meeting”. Which is what MLS execs were instructed to do when anti-trust behavior is taking place.

Now, I wasn’t there but I did verify from a one other person about shouting going on and people leaving the meeting.

The Notorious ROB has written a post title, “The Law of Holes” about similar concerns regarding Lamacchia in a previous “debate” Lamacchia did with Michael Ketchmark, attorney regarding the now infamous #SitzerBurneet ruling.

Anyone know what the outcome of this?

Omni Lobby Bar – After Party – Update “First round is on us!”

I think with the news of Kristen’s passing is going to make this Sunday night at the Omni even more special.

So be there Sunday night (5/5/23) at the Omni Hotel’s Marquee Lounge. Anywhere from 9 PM to Midnight (last call). And we can raise a glass to Kristen in a place I know she would have loved to be, surrounded by her friends.

BIG UPDATE: The guys at RoomVu has generous offered to pick the tab for the “first round” so the sooner you get there the better opportunity it is to get a free drink! RoomVu is a pioneer in Video Marketing for agents. Sam Mehrbod, the co-founder of RoomVu, will be there so we will all get to thank him personally. Many thanks Sam!

Check out their site to learn more.

1000WATT’s Brand & Marketing Summit

I just wanted to make another plug for 1000WATT’s upcoming Brand & Marketing Summit. As many of you know Brian, Marc and their merry gang of creatives are legit. Having attended many of their other events I can assure you that you are in for a treat. But unlike other events this one feels like they are going to get even more strategic, and even more tactical in their agenda and content. Plus their speaker list is stacked!

Who should go? Well check out the website.

  • Executives and marketers in proptech, brokerage, franchising, mortgage, title, MLSs, and associations
  • Real estate team leaders
  • Solo agents who are eager to build market share
  • Brokerage and franchise leaders who want to lead their teams through a time of change with confidence

So buy a few tickets for you and your staff, mark your calendars, book the hotel rooms, buy the plane tickets and put your two stepping boots on and head to Gilleys in Dallas June 25th-June 27th.

The RESO kids are alright

Yup! I’ve been having major FOMO this week seeing all the posts of the Spring 2024 RESO Conference in Alabama. Even live band comprised of RESO members! But I think this shirt that Dan Troup, new CEO of BPP, is wearing perfectly captures that RESO vibe.

T3 Technology Summit dates announced

T3 Technology Summit Unveils the Future of Real Estate Technology and Marketing

“The T3 Tech Summit is where innovation converges with opportunity, creating a dynamic ecosystem for marketing and technology leaders. Our commitment to fostering meaningful connections and providing valuable insights ensures that attendees leave equipped to shape the future of our industry,” said Michael Phelan, senior vice president of technology consulting at T3 Sixty.”

T3 Sixty

Dates are Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, 2024, at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans. Early bird pricing is super reasonable. This event seems to get better and better every year.

See you there!

1000watt announces new event

1000watt Brand & Marketing Summit

“It’s time to focus

Brand building and marketing are everything in any business. They are especially important in fragile times when survival and growth require sharp claws, tenacity, and a plan.

Winners rise out of markets like this. It’s trite, but true. We want to help them — you — be out ahead. So we’re bringing together some of the brightest brand and marketing minds from both inside and outside of real estate to exchange ideas, strategies, and action items for what to do and what to say, right now.”


This is going to be good. Who better to put on a conference about brand and marketing than 1000watt? 1000watt has been delivering the goods on high quality marketing, branding, design and content for way over a decade. If you aren’t reading their Friday Flash and newsletters you’re missing some of the smartest takes and analysis in real estate. Also excited about one of their speakers, April Dunford, her book on positioning, titled “Obviously Awesome” is a must read.

My advice, bring a few people from your company that need to get recharged and inspired. It’s time. I’m sure tickets will go fast. Get Yours => 1000watt Brand & Marketing Summit

Calling all speakers

My good friend Audie Chamberlain is hosting a free workshop that I know many of you would benefit. He is going to show you how to submit speaker submission applications for NAR NXT and other events.

Click this link to register = > Lion & Orb Workshop: Speaker Submissions

NAR NXT Trade Expo pics!

Just a few random photos taken with my Ray-Ban | Meta Glasses

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