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CoreLogic announces Clareity Assure

CoreLogic Unveils Clareity Assure for Advanced MLS Security featuring Adaptive Authentication

“Security is one of the top issues on the minds of every MLS leader today,” said Shaleen Khatod, Executive, Enterprise Strategy & Initiatives for CoreLogic. “CoreLogic is re-writing the MLS defense book for safeguarding MLS systems and data against threats like ransomware and cyber-attacks. This includes Clareity Assure adaptive authentication meticulously analyzing user behavior patterns. It can identify and stop bad actors while ensuring authorized users get the safe, secure and frictionless access they need.”

Shaleen Khatod , CoreLogic

Sounds like an add-on for the Clareity Dashboard. I do find it interesting they are continuing to use the “Clareity” moniker. I’d be interested to find out how this would help with ransom-ware attacks that seem to be on the rise in our industry.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

Join me in wishing happy birthday to one of the industry’s finest, Matt Cohen. Hope to see you soon my friend.

CoreLogic acquires Clareity


““The Real Estate industry is full of visionary tech companies driving all of us forward,” said Chris Bennett, executive leader of Real Estate Solutions for CoreLogic. “Every day, a cutting-edge app or web service is introduced to agents and brokers to help them find and serve customers. The addition of Clareity solutions to the CoreLogic Real Estate Solutions suite helps tech companies deliver those innovative tools to users more transparently. We think our mutual cultures of commitment to moving our industry forward through innovation is a terrific catalyst for the benefit of our customers.”

Gregg Larson, founder and CEO of Clareity, who will be joining the CoreLogic executive team states, “We’re thankful for our employees, customers, and integration partners for their continued trust in Clareity. We’re confident that CoreLogic’s dedication to customer centered innovation will help fuel the growth and enhancement of the Clareity line of solutions.”

A huge congrats to both teams! Gregg, Matt, Troy, Amy, and the rest of the Clareity team have built a solid business that is a perfect fit for CoreLogic.

A few thoughts.

I hope they keep the MLS Executive Workshop going, but its hard to see a path forward under CoreLogic (but one can dream).
I guess the MLS Survey is kaput.
This is also a huge opportunity for some. Seems like T3’s MLS Division got an earlier Christmas present.

Lauren Hill joins Clareity Security

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAf9AAAAJDMyOTc1YTU4LTQwNTctNDIxNi04NjU2LTA5MjYxMGVmZjNiMwSpeaking of Clareity Security I’m very happy to hear that Lauren Hill has recently joined Clareity Security as their new Senior Account Executive. Lauren was previously at ListHub as a Regional Account Manager for over 3 years. I think Lauren has an amazing career ahead of her.

Clareity Security receives patent

Comparing users handwriting for detecting and remediating unauthorized shared access

“A method of using handwriting input on a touch screen device to verify the identity of a user. The user writes a profile word in an input space provided on the touch screen. Features of the handwriting are captured and sent to a server, which stores the data in a data record associated with the authorized user. When a user subsequently writes a challenge word, the handwriting features of the challenge word are compared to the authorized user’s handwriting data record and given a rating of similarity. If the rating is within a prescribed range, the user’s identity is verified as being the authorized user and permitted to access a given asset. If not, the user’s identity is not verified and that user may be denied access to the asset or other action taken. This biometric feature of authentication may be used alone or in a multi-factor authentication environment.”

This sounds super cool. Congrats Matt and team!

Looking for a new gig?

Clareity Security is looking to fill a couple positions

Business Development/Inside Sales – Broker Products

“We are launching a brand new segment of our Single-Sign On business. You will be on the leading edge of an exciting new opportunity to grow a business from the ground floor. This is a business to business, inside sales position, calling on real estate brokers, promoting products and services, along with servicing current clients..”

Marketing Coordinator

“Responsible for creating and delivering marketing ideas, materials and activities for Clareity Security. Designs and creates marketing materials, manages projects, and ensures company messages are consistent across all marketing channels and across product platforms.”

See those jobs and more on the Vendor Alley Job Board!

NEREN chooses Black Knight

New England Real Estate Network Selects Black Knight’s Paragon MLS System

Black Knight Financial Services (NYSE: BKFS) announced today that the New England Real Estate Network (NEREN), serving approximately 8,300 real estate professionals in New Hampshire and Vermont, signed a multi-year agreement to implement Black Knight’s Paragon MLS system.

NEREN conducted an in-depth product analysis of Paragon MLS and selected the system because of its flexibility, ease of use, customizable features, continual enhancements and integration with public records information. Paragon has received the top ranking in the annual Clareity Consulting MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey for the past three years, and recently was installed in numerous MLS organizations that selected Paragon MLS as their system of choice.

8,300 agents. Nice win. Congrats!

Clareity’s 2015 NAR San Diego Meeting & Expo Report

Categorize this as “must read”.

Clareity’s 2015 NAR San Diego Meeting and Expo Report

The only thing I think they missed was that the Lady Gaga impersonator was pregnant.

Clareity Security launches all new SSO Dashboard


““Clareity’s new dashboard design is modern, mobile responsive and easy to navigate. Launching this new dashboard was a seamless transition for our customers. We’ve received positive feedback,” said Merri Jo Cowen, CEO of MFRMLS.
Clareity brought in design and user experience (UX) experts Iteration Group to ensure the most professional and modern UI and UX. Iteration Group is respected for various clients including Quickbooks, NBC Universal, and Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me – minions!) as well as popular apps Angie’s List and ChowNow. With Iteration Group’s design expertise and Clareity’s knowledge of the real estate industry, the two teams collaborated to create the “dream dashboard” for agents, brokers and other real estate professionals.”

Clareity changed their business model awhile ago, from an “app store”, to a site where agents can find out information about products then request more information. Those leads are then sent directly to the vendor They call this “Discover”. We have been testing this and getting a good amount of leads.

One quibble about this press release and maybe this is just an oversight. But, if you are going to tell how “modern” and “sleek” your new dashboard is, can you at least including a screen shot?

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