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There has been a lot of great buzz around Blueprint, a relatively new proptech conference in Las Vegas. I’ll be attending and covering the event for the first time this year. The speaker lineup looks great with the likes of Pete Flint, Spencer Rascoff, Adena Hefets, Brian Bair, Dave Garland, Errol Samuelson, and many others. The lobby bar should be full of some interesting folk.

The people at Blueprint were nice enough to give me a link to share with Vendor Alley readers to get $200 discount of the normal price to attend the event. Just click here ===> Blueprint Event Discount

Hope to see you there!

See you in Texas!

I’ll be at the Texas REALTORS® Winter Meetings this weekend. I’ll be giving an “Industry Update” at the Technology/MLS Forum on Saturday, Feb. 12 from 2-3pm. The event is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Austin.

I’ll give you 3 guesses of where you can find me otherwise.

Bill Andrews leaves Remine Annette Sheffler leaves SentriLock, both headed for Black Knight

Bill Andrews, and maybe at this point I should clarify, Bill Andrews Sr. since he has made this industry a family affair. His son Bill Andrews is National Sales Manager- MLS relations at RateMyAgent and his other son, Ryan Andrews is Director of MLS relations at LionDesk. ????

Bill Sr. has joined Black Knight, this is after joining Remine back is October 2019. Bill has worked for several companies in the industry, I think it goes something like this. Rapattoni, Tarasoft, CoreLogic, Zillow, Remine, a little consulting, and now Black Knight.

Also, fellow DeVry grad, Annette Sheffler, has left SentriLock and joined Black Knight as a product consultant.

I’m also hearing rumors about one or two others that could be making moves. Don’t know who or where yet, seems like the powers to be haven’t taken their finger off the chess piece yet.

Great to see that Black Knight is not sitting still during this crazy time and making investments in what matters most, good people.

Join us for a Virtual Lobby Bar tonight at 4:30PM PT

The Good Stuff!

Virtual Lobby Bar @ Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:30pm – 5pm (PDT) via Katie Smithson

“In response to the positive feedback I received about hosting a virtual lobby bar, I invite you to join me tonight for a cocktail. Grab your drink of choice and don your most comfortable WFH attire.  I realize this may be a little early for the West Coast folks, but assuming tonight goes well, we can try again at a different time. Hope to see you tonight!”

Katie Smithson is hosting a “Virtual Lobby Bar ” tonight from 4:30PM to 5:00PM (PDT). So pour yourself a drink and join us.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 639 823 434

Bright MLS adds Remine Pro to core MLS offering

Bright MLS Upgrades Core Offering to Include Remine Pro

“With full access to Remine, Bright subscribers have expansive property data, presented through a brand-new intuitive user interface. Remine Pro includes map-based, public records-enhanced property searches, unlimited contact information for prospecting, a fully integrated comparative market analysis (CMA) tool, that incorporates both MLS & off-market properties, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, chat and collaboration client portal tools, a scoring system that predicts the likelihood that someone will sell, integrated tracking and marketing for up to 10,000 properties, and a mobile app.”

Lots of news the week of the CMLS Conference. Pro tip for everyone, you should announce this stuff the week before, not the week of, you will get more coverage.

Remine CEO Mark Schacknies recorded an audio conversation with Rob Hahn last week. It’s only available if you are a Notorious VIP member (which you already should be). He made, what I thought, were a lot of controversial statements about the MLS industry.

Looks like Remine continues to have success with their Remine Pro offering. They have teased that they have up to 3 MLS providers that are committing to switch over to a full “MLS by Remine” solution in 2020, but so far no confirmation.

Lots of banter back and forth on my last post about Remine from other MLS vendors in the space. Everyone should remember that we are all in this together. And by “everyone” I mean Remine.

Should be an interesting week.

Bar Etiquette

The 21 Rules of Bar Etiquette

“If you are having friends meet you out, clear your tab before they show up. It’s not cool if they end up paying, but more important, it’ll make you look like the drunk that you really are.”

Lots of these ring true. Number 21 is a go to for me.

Inman Connect – Las Vegas. Are you ready?

I gotta be honest. I’m a little nervous. A full week in Vegas? Yikes. At the same time I’m super pumped. Brad has put together a jammed pack agenda (the best ever?) As a real estate geek I’m going to be in heaven.

You got Mike DelPrete talking about iBuying. Mike is an expert on iBuying and his presentations always give me great insight. Also, Molly Bloom, the women who ran the most exclusive poker parties in Hollywood (great movie Molly’s Game, if you haven’t already seen it), I’m in! Plus Brad is going to interview Zillow CEO Rich Barton, Eric Wu, CEO of Opendoor and my personal favorite GFK (Glenn Fucking Kelman), CEO of Redfin. And that’s just a taste, there’s tons more great content.

Dan and I arrive Monday. And we are bringing a lot of the W+R team with us, so we will be rolling deep!

W+R Studios’ very own Katie Smithson will be on a Data Track panel Thursday at 3:45 PM, discussing with RESO CEO, Sam DeBord, “The Technology Driving Data Policies”.

If you are looking for a bit of an Inman Connect warm up, please check out the latest Industry Relations episode with Rob Hahn (recent Vegas transplant) and I. Which reminds me that on Thursday at 11:45 they will be announcing the Inman Innovator award winners. Two podcasts I produce, Listing Bits and the previously mentioned, Industry Relations are both nominated. ????

And of course I really looking forward to the great conversations I know I will be having with all of you.

But, I feel that I must leave you with this important Public Service Announcement (PSA). I feel that now more than ever, you need to really embrace it…

Inman Connect NYC – Need your help

Looking forward to seeing everyone in New York for the Inman Connect Conference. I’m heading out there tomorrow.

I’ll be participating on a panel on the “Data Track“, which has a ton of great content BTW!

The panel is “Live Problem Solving”, I’ll be joined with Chris Bennett, VP of CoreLogic and Suzanne Mueller, SVP of Move/Realtor.com, David Charron will be moderating. It’s at 2:55PM on Thursday, Westside Ballroom, Salon 2.

The premise of the panel is that audience members can ask us questions and we will do our best, based on our experience, of answering those questions. Here are some examples…

“How did you come up with pricing for your product?”
“How to you manage MLS permissioning”
“What trade/shows and events are worth participating in?”

So, here’s where I need the help. If you have any questions that you would like to ask myself or any of the other panel participants please leave them in the comments. If we have a lull in the questions we will bring yours up!

See you soon! And remember Never Go Big On The First Night!


See you at RESO next week

Looking forward to joining everyone in San Diego next week. Katie and I will be there along with…wait for it…Dan Woolley!

I’ll be hosting a panel on Wednesday morning (10/18/2017 10:05AM), named “RESO in the REAL World – Advantages and Benefits Being Realized”

I’ll be joined by

Colette Stevenson, CEO, MLS of Hilton Head Island, Inc.
Troy McCasland, CEO of AgentSquared
Tom Weiss-Lehman, Product Manager, Redfin Corporation
Chris Freeman, CTO, WolfNet

Should be fun. See you there!

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