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New Mexico MLS Launches Aligned Showings

New Mexico MLS to Launch Aligned Showings

“Megan McFarlane, Executive Director of NMMLS, said, “The product is exciting. What MLSs can build when they work together is not just strong because of the relationships, but strong because Aligned Showings is cutting-edge technology.”

New Mexico members will benefit from Aligned Showings’ mobile app, optimized route mapping, real-time messaging, advanced showing approval system and other features”

Looks like MLS Aligned is offering their products beyond their partners. I hope they don’t start making CMA software!

UtahRealEstate.com launches RapidStats

UtahRealEstate.com Partners with Markt to Launch RapidStats – A Powerful New Statistics Program

“UtahRealEstate.com announced today that it has launched a new statistics product, RapidStats, to its nearly 20,000 members. RapidStats is an advanced statistics product provided by Markt, a professional services company that brings leading back- office solutions to multiple listing services. With RapidStats, real estate professionals in Utah will now have access to a variety of new statistical reports, the ability to select and draw custom market areas for reporting, and access to a powerful customer relationship tool that enables statistics to be sent to clients on a scheduled timeline”

This is in partnership with Markt. But what is Markt? At the last Clareity/CL Conference, Nicole Jensen quipped that Markt wasn’t MLS Aligned. Which got a laugh. Markt as “a professional services company that brings leading back-office solutions to multiple listing services” fits better.

And it seems nowadays I’m writing more and more about MLS-owned initiatives than traditional vendor products. 🤔

MLS Aligned adds BeachesMLS

BeachesMLS Joins MLS Aligned

“The announcements continue to come for MLS Aligned as earlier this year, MLS Aligned purchased the intellectual property rights to the Agent Inbox software, a real estate showing and messaging platform. They intend to pave the way for showing standards as they rebuild and standardize this new product as Aligned Showings. The collaboration between these forward-thinking companies is what allows MLS Aligned to build and acquire powerful tools and technologies to improve the standards and power of the MLS and real estate industry

Dionna Hall, CEO of BeachesMLS, said that “The best MLS collaborations are with those that align through similar DNA regardless of borders. It is with that mindset that BeachesMLS joins MLS Aligned to work together on future industry initiatives and innovations.”

41,000 members is a big add. Looks MLS Aligned’s value proposition is showing appeal.

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