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Remine to launch add-edit tool

Remine add-edit tool to allow Texas brokers to push listings to MLS

The deal means NTREIS subscribers can either continue to use the MLS’s current CoreLogic Matrix system for listing management or can alternatively use Remine’s add-edit tool. NTREIS’s back-end system remains Matrix.

“This offers an opportunity for agents to upload a listing using a different module. Think of it as front end of choice,” NTREIS CEO John Holley told Inman in a phone interview.

Additionally, “a broker that has a back-end system will be able to use that back-end system to load a listing” and push it to Remine’s add-edit tool to push it to the MLS, he added, noting that agents would prefer not to have to switch between systems and stay in their broker’s back-end system. “That is the goal.”

Whoa. I would love to see this in action. Is it possible that Remine beat Upstream to the punch?

Vendor Cage Match: Homesnap goes after Remine with new predictive analytics features

Who you got?

The off-market/public records game is heating up!

Homesnap’s new platform guesses when people will move

“The platform uses an algorithm that crunches millions of records, including MLS data, to come up with a “Likelihood to List” score. The service, available only to licensed agents, shows a “heat map” of neighborhoods color-coded to zero in on the homes most likely to go on the market.
“Instead of sending a postcard to 5,000 homes, real estate agents can just focus in on the people the algorithm has determined are the most likely to list their homes,” Lou Mintzer, Homesnap’s chief product officer.”

Things could get awkward for both these D.C. area-based companies if they frequent the same restaurants.

New Homesnap Pro

Remine has been on a bit of a hiring spree lately. Joe Kazzoun and Bill Andrews were hired back in October of last year. Recently they also hired Quinn Nichols, formerly of MARIS, Troy Feeken, formerly of FBS, and Chelsea Goyer, formerly of Redfin. That’s going add a lot to their burn-rate.

Meanwhile, the O.G. in the game, CoreLogic, is not sitting still. CoreLogic has been recently touting a brand-new Realist “re-imagined from the ground up “. This space is heating up quickly, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

In an article posted on Inman News today, Homesnap CEO John Mazur calls this new Off-Market Marketplace their “crown-jewel” and promises more enhancements coming.

The new Homesnap Pro

All this can only be good for agents and MLS customers. Competition is a good thing.


Remine inks state-wide exclusive multi-product deal with First MLS

Georgia’s FMLS licenses Exclusive Rights to Remine Listing Input, Remine Docs, and Remine Agent Pro

“Remine and FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service) announced a new partnership today that dramatically upgrades the technology, data and tools available to Atlanta-area real estate professionals. Under the terms of the deal, FMLS will provide the Remine MLS system as a member benefit. This system includes Remine Listing Input, Remine Docs and Remine Agent Pro. All functions will be provided with high availability ensuring that brokers and agents will have access 24/7 to get their business done.”

It looks like a “system of choice” play. So not a stand-alone MLS System. Also, Remine seems to tout an Upstream alternative with their rumored listing input module (LIM). But obviously, Jeremy knows his standards so there could a path for a broker to enter into one LIM and then send it off to multiple MLS organizations.

No launch date is being mentioned publicly, but Remine is going to need a lot of cooperation from Corelogic to make this happen.

These “exclusive” deals are tricky and I’m surprised Remine is going this route. First off it set a precedent for other negotiations going forward and second it puts your customers in charge of expansion (which can be hit or miss).

Has Remine found a new way to launch a listing portal?

I don’t know how I got the job of MLS data cop. I guess ever since the whole thing happened with HouseCanary, I get MLS providers and Vendors asking me what I think about this and that.

Enter “the new Remine.com”. At first glance it appears that they have just taken public record data and matched it with Google Street Views. No active listings. But……there is a callout box that says “Curious about listings in your area? Match With An Agent”

So I clicked on the “Match With An Agent” box (Even I’m not brave enough to click on the box that said “Claim Your Home”).

I go through a process where I’m asked a series of questions and then presented with a few “top local” agents to choose from. Not sure what Remine does to qualify them as “Top”. The first time I did this I got agents from all over, not where I was looking to buy. After trying it a few times I saw an agent from Huntington Beach.

So I choose that agent.

I am then directed to create an account. Not with an agent, not with a broker, but with Remine.com.

So I created an account.

Bingo! Now I can see all active listings on the MLS!

Everything goes downhill from there. The site is just awful. It seems like every page reload prompts a message box asking “The website “remine.com” would like to use…”. I swear I must have given permission 50 times.

I also get spinners that last forever when I try and view photos and some photos don’t display. And for some reason there is no way that I can modify/change/add a new area on a saved search. I have to start every search all over again. Maddening. Remine have your QA guy call me. Seriously.

All of which is fine; they can fix these things. I get it…I make software for living; it’s a version one product.

But the thing is, I wasn’t taken to a personalized agent page. So, did I really create the sort of VOW required relationship? Is Remine a broker? Did the agent even know about this or me?

So I called the agent.

I got voicemail, so I left a message. He called right back. I told him that I was on a website and I was “matched” with him (this was about 24 hours after I created the account), and I asked if he knew anything about me. He said no, he had never heard of me. Based on his voicemail I think he was at another brokerage than the one listed on Remine.com, too. Yikes.

On one level I can see some real innovation here from Remine. Start with public record data and bait site visitors to see real listings. Cool, right? I recently recorded a podcast with Mark Schacknies , CEO of Remine. This guy is a serious cat, and they are definitely in it to win it. I can also appreciate the need to push boundaries. I’m all for it.

But I just can’t say that it’s completely kosher. Maybe, but if this is possible then why do other listing portals need agreements with MLS Providers? I mean Homes.com could just put a list of random agents on their site and get visitors to click on a button that says “match me with an agent” and Bingo, MLS listings!

This gets back to what many Vendors have been saying lately…Many MLS Providers give newer Vendors more leeway, and existing vendors get slapped on the wrist or denied for every….little….thing. Sour grapes? Whining? Maybe.

It’s a tough balance and competition is getting rough. But here’s the thing, and those who attended the CMLS conference will understand.

Chip had a point.

[Quick side note HouseCanary has done a complete mea culpa and have been very diligent on following proper MLS data licensing rules. Big shout out to Russell and team]

[UPDATE: Remine has decided to disable the Agent Match feature on their website. It will revisit the feature at a later time. Here is their statement.]

Bright MLS adds Remine Pro to core MLS offering

Bright MLS Upgrades Core Offering to Include Remine Pro

“With full access to Remine, Bright subscribers have expansive property data, presented through a brand-new intuitive user interface. Remine Pro includes map-based, public records-enhanced property searches, unlimited contact information for prospecting, a fully integrated comparative market analysis (CMA) tool, that incorporates both MLS & off-market properties, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, chat and collaboration client portal tools, a scoring system that predicts the likelihood that someone will sell, integrated tracking and marketing for up to 10,000 properties, and a mobile app.”

Lots of news the week of the CMLS Conference. Pro tip for everyone, you should announce this stuff the week before, not the week of, you will get more coverage.

Remine CEO Mark Schacknies recorded an audio conversation with Rob Hahn last week. It’s only available if you are a Notorious VIP member (which you already should be). He made, what I thought, were a lot of controversial statements about the MLS industry.

Looks like Remine continues to have success with their Remine Pro offering. They have teased that they have up to 3 MLS providers that are committing to switch over to a full “MLS by Remine” solution in 2020, but so far no confirmation.

Lots of banter back and forth on my last post about Remine from other MLS vendors in the space. Everyone should remember that we are all in this together. And by “everyone” I mean Remine.

Should be an interesting week.

GSREIN launches Remine

Gulf South Real Estate Information Network Launches Remine

“The Gulf South Real Estate Information Network (GSREIN), the largest multiple listing service (MLS) in Louisiana, serving more than 6,300 Realtors in the New Orleans Metropolitan area today announced Remine’s new, cutting-edge real estate intelligence platform is now live in Louisiana, making it among the first ten MLSs in the country to launch the product.”

Congrats to Jonathan, Leo and the rest of the Remine team. These guys are growing fast (close to 90 employees now and growing). I love the fact these guys are creating new ways for agents to do business. And it’s great to see this type of confidence in the industry.

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