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Jan 27 15

ICNY: It’s on like Donkey Kong!

by Greg Robertson


So far my flight hasn’t canceled. Fingers crossed. Hope to see everyone tonight in New York!

On my way!!

Jan 27 15

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson seeking new CEO

“ seeks a CEO to lead its organization to the next level. The successful candidate will report to the Board of Directors and lead a staff of office and software professionals.”

Find out more on the Vendor Alley Job Board

Jan 27 15

Trulia has direct feeds with 125 MLS providers.

by Greg Robertson


““By working together with Trulia to improve the accuracy of listings, the MLS community isn’t just protecting brokers and their listing agents from legal liability,” added Chaver, “it is helping brokers and agents grow their businesses with better quality leads. In addition, displaying accurate information about a listing is in the best interests of the general public. ”

Looks like they added 21 of them just last quarter. I love Trulia’s style, not a lot of bullshit, no drama, no games, just hard work. That type of attitude comes from the top. Pete Flint, Paul Levine and Alon Chaver are not only smart, but class acts. Their new parents could learn a lot from them.

Jan 26 15

Celeste Starchild pens letter outlining ListHub/Zillow offer and term sheet.

by Greg Robertson

Wow. I fucking love this.

ListHub Releases Details, Terms of Listing Deal Proposed to Zillow.

“Following the announcement, we knew it was important to directly speak with a number of our partners and customers to make sure we had the benefit of your views on the situation. One of the most common requests we received during these discussions was for the terms that were encapsulated in our term sheet with Zillow. In the spirit of transparency, we have included a summary of those terms here:

Kudos to Celeste and ListHub for being open about what went down. The letter is well written too. Here’s a couple of tidbits.

– Price wasn’t a factor, since the term sheet didn’t include anything about price.

– Zillow didn’t even bother to counter the term sheet. That’s straight gansta.

– In fact Zillow didn’t bother to respond at all. The first response ListHub heard was when Zillow publicly announced their Data Dashboard product.

More evidence that Spencer Rascoff is really Frank Underwood.

Jan 26 15

MRIS will provide direct feed to Zillow.

by Greg Robertson

This is the big announcement I was alluding to yesterday. Guess they couldn’t wait to announce the news.

One of the Nation’s Largest Multiple Listing Services, Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc., Votes to Establish Direct Listings Feed to Zillow.

“”MRIS’s market is very hot right now,” said Curt Beardsley, Zillow vice president of industry development. “Inventory is incredibly tight in this region so ensuring listings are up-to-date is a top priority for us. Having high quality listing data helps guarantee consumers have the best experience possible. A new direct data feed helps us not only maintain that great consumer experience, but allows for us to better serve the customers of MRIS.”

While every market is different this is a huge win for Zillow. Having one of the largest MLS providers opting to provide direct listings will definitely influence other MLS providers. Curt has been busy.

Jan 26 15

Chip McAvoy Joins Black Knight’s MLS Division

by Greg Robertson

I tweeted about this awhile back.

But now its official!

Chip McAvoy Joins Black Knight’s MLS Division as Vice President of Emerging Products and Technology

“During his career, McAvoy has held positions in both development and management for real estate software firms, where he has been instrumental in delivering solutions for agents, brokers and other real estate professionals. He has product experience with MLS Platforms, agent and broker websites, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, data sharing, document and transaction management, and more.”

Nice get for Black Knight. You have to wonder whether Ben Graboske has his eyes on anyone else?

I had also heard that John Koch, who did a lot of CoreLogic’s RETS and data work has left the company. Not to a competitor, but to open a Brewery in Montana. Sounds like it was a tough decision. ; )

Congrats to Chip on his new gig!

Jan 26 15

Mark Allen joins

by Greg Robertson

thumb.phpGlad to hear Mark Allen has found a new gig! He along with Don Flynn were recently hired to join’s industry relations team. Below is an excerpt from Russ Cofano’s Open letter to state and local real estate associations.

Move Announces New Executive Roles to Strengthen Association Relationships (Vis RISMedia)

“Don and Mark will work collaboratively across both the association and MLS industries with our MLS industry relations team, which includes vice presidents Rhett Damon, Shelley Fowler and Bob Greenspan and directors Susan Young and Kathleen Wayson. The entire team plans to attend the 2015 Joint AE Institute in March in Vancouver and we can’t wait to see you at that great event.”

“Industry Relations” seems to be the job title du jour.’s take is especially interesting. Lots of cooks in the kitchen. This focus on state and local associations and working “collaboratively” with MLS industry relations seems kind of odd. Not even sure what it means or how it will work – “Hey MLS CEO, the AE thinks you should be doing your job this way.” is a listings portal right? They need listings. That means focusing on MLS providers and brokers. It’s not too complicated, or maybe I’m not smart enough to understand all this “strategery”.

Jan 25 15

Home values and street names

by Greg Robertson

Speaking of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries recently did an OP-CHART in the New York Times today.

The Secrets of Street Names and Home Values

“We learned three things about the relationship between home values and street names: First, names are better than numbers. Second, lanes are better than streets. Third, unusual names are better than common ones.”

Gotta say this is pretty cool stuff! Make sure you check it out and see what your street name tells you about the price of your house.

Jan 25 15

Zillow making progress with MLS direct feeds.

by Greg Robertson

Word on the street is that Zillow is making progress with getting MLS direct feeds. I expect a big announcement next week. Getting some of these larger MLS Providers are key.

What is less clear is the adoption rate of how many of these MLS providers will use/implemet the much touted Zillow Data Dashboard.

Another thing that did strike me is what it must be like at Zillow’s HQ with the end of ListHub agreement coming to an end so soon. Which prompted this tweet:

Good times.

Jan 22 15

Don’t miss this!

by Greg Robertson

I was lucky enough to be included on David Charron’s panel, “Does Big Data Make Us Stupid?” at Inman Connect NYC next week.

The panel is set to start on Thursday at 2:35PM. John Heithaus from RBI, and Matthew Shadbolt from the New York Times are also panelists. Which leads me to believe they wanted some comic relief by inviting me to join all these big brains on stage!

panel inman nyc

David is moderating all panels on the MLS Track at Inman Connect NYC this year again. All of them are not to miss. I hope he and Inman keep this going, David does a great job of preparing and keeping things interesting.

One that also stands out to me is David’s interview with new CMLS CEO, Denee Evans, on “How I Plan to Build on the Success of CMLS” This session is right before mine at 2:00pm.
inman panel denee

See you there!!