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Oct 10 19

Opendoor partners with Cloud CMA

by Greg Robertson

Cloud CMA will now include all cash offers from Opendoor

“Last year, W+R Studios unveiled a tool called iBuyer Connect, which allowed agents to incorporate all-cash offers from investors into their listing presentation. Robertson told Inman that most of the interest from investors at this point had been home flippers, but now adding Opendoor as a partner in the platform will allow agents using iBuyer Connect to present all-cash offers to owners of turnkey homes.

Agents who refer clients to Opendoor ultimately have two options. Negotiate a traditional listing agent commission with the seller – who will also be paying Opendoor a transaction fee that averages 7.1 percent – or forgo the listing agent commission and receive a 1 percent referral fee from Opendoor.”

We’ve been working on this for over a year. What I think is going to be transformational about this is the software integration between Cloud CMA and Opendoor.

The experience of creating a CMA and going right in to generating an offer is like nothing out there. It really gives agents the advantage in simplicity and speed. And its only going to get better.

Oct 9 19

Industry Relations 39: Does MLS Policy Statement 8.0 Do Enough to End Exclusive Listings?

by Greg Robertson

It’s our CMLS Conference Pre-Show Podcast!  In an effort to curb the rampant growth of Coming Soon listings, NAR’s Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee has issued a proposal to clarify the Clear Cooperation Policy. But will the guidelines actually put an end to pocket listings? Are the rules a good compromise? Or should the MLS die on the hill of all-or-nothing, requiring members to list there first?

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg discuss NAR’s draft MLS Policy Statement 8.0, exploring whether the guidelines go far enough in preventing exclusive listings. Rob explains why the 24-hour submission window and the concession around office exclusives are a problem, arguing that the MLS must take a stand NOW to establish itself as the primary marketplace for property listings.

Greg challenges Rob’s view that the MLS is not already the primary marketplace, applauding the 24-hour window as a reasonable and clever compromise and arguing that pocket listings are a breach of fiduciary duty. Listen in to understand Rob’s proposal to extend the all-in IDX rules to MLS membership as a whole and consider how Policy Statement 8.0 will (or will not) impact the pocket listing strategies employed by large national brokerages. 

What’s Discussed: 

Rob’s take that NAR MLS Policy 8.0 doesn’t go far enough

– 24-hour submission window
– Office exclusives not prohibited 

Whether the MLS is the marketplace or a data repository

The potential confusion around one-to-one communication

What does and does not qualify as marketing under 8.0

Greg’s view of the 24-hour window as a clever compromise

How Rob defines a primary marketplace as first-in-time

Greg’s challenge that 70% of deals qualifies as ‘primary’

Why Greg sees pocket listings as a code of ethics issue

Extending IDX all-in rules to MLS membership as a whole

How exclusive listings benefit large national brokerages

Connect with Rob and Greg:

Rob’s Website

Greg’s Website


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MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board

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Sam Debord’s Response to Rob’s Post

Rob’s Follow Up Post on MLS Policy Statement 8.0

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Oct 8 19

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Director of Customer Success – FBS

FBS is seeking a Customer Success Director to define and execute on a Customer Success plan for a new product being developed by FBS for real estate multiple listing services. FBS is a leader in developing software and solutions for real estate multiple listing services for over 40 years, and is very focused on helping MLSs make the real estate market work. The new product we’re developing and for which we need this position is an exciting opportunity to further our mission and that of our customers.

Find out more about this job and 4 others on the Vendor Alley Job Board!

Oct 7 19

MLS Policy 8.0

by Greg Robertson

Advisory Board Proposes MLS Policy to Fuel Broker Cooperation

“The National Association of REALTORS® is considering a change in the association’s MLS policy aimed at creating greater cooperation between brokerages within MLSs. The “Clear Cooperation Policy“ proposal is straightforward: Brokers who are MLS participants must share listings with other brokers in the MLS if those listings are being publicly marketed. NAR is seeking member feedback on the policy before the association’s Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee addresses it at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in San Francisco this November “

I’ve been asked about my thoughts on this draft. What I can say is that I think this draft policy is a great first step. While nothing is perfect we need to start somewhere and the way 8.0 is drafted I think is smart and thoughtful.

I’ve been pretty steady on my opinions about pocket listings and how they can hurt the industry. In my opinion, except in rare circumstances, the practice needs to stop.

I had a great conversation with Michael Wurzer on Listing Bits about this issue that if you haven’t listened to it yet you should. Michael is a bit more sanguine about the issue, but thoughtful as ever.

I about to start recording a Industry Relations podcast (which I hope to have ready before CMLS) with Rob Hahn this morning where we will duke it out over whether MLS Policy 8.0 goes far enough. Wish me luck!

Oct 7 19

Remine sticks its neck out

by Greg Robertson

Remine launches MLS by Remine, a modern MLS system built for today’s real estate reality

“Remine, a fast-growing technology company that serves over 1,000,000 real estate professionals through more than 50 Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) announced today that it has launched a modern MLS system to replace those offered by legacy vendors. The new system, called “MLS by Remine” is expected to launch in early 2020 with several MLS partners.

MLS by Remine is offered alongside Remine Agent Pro, Remine’s existing suite of tools, data, and workflows real estate professionals use to engage clients in their real estate journey. The new system is also modular, meaning an MLS can adopt the full stack, from database to APIs, or implement just the layer they require, including Remine’s world-class front-end or Remine’s Add/Edit module. MLS by Remine can also be run in parallel with a legacy system to ease transitions. “

The team at Remine have been busy. Remine announcing they are launching an MLS System is not exactly news but my first impression was “hell yeah!”, a new MLS system? Bring it on. That is only going to force competition and make everyone better. And if Remine holds to their word of keeping their MLS system open to 3rd party integrations then the entire industry will benefit. One quibble I do have is with the naming convention “MLS by Remine”? MLS? This industry has got too many definitions for the word MLS already, now you name an MLS System, MLS? You see where I’m going here?

They mention MLS by Remine will “launch in early 2020 with several MLS partners.” It’s not clear whether those MLS organizations are committing to converting to MLS by Remine as their single platform , or as a “system of choice” solution. If Remine is successful in getting a larger MLS organization to fully commit to converting, and the conversion goes smoothly, you are going to see a whole lot of shaking going on.

Further down the press release you see this.

“Remine also offers a public portal option for MLSs that adopt MLS by Remine, and maintains a public facing site at that connects consumers with agents already using Remine through their MLS.”

I haven’t seen the “public portal option” yet. But I did poke around the recently redesigned that is now a consumer portal.

I’m not sure of the strategy here, there seems to be no active listings, just public record data mashed with Google Street Views. Even with the “Match with an agent” messaging the site gives off a weird FSBO like feel. Plus having the owner name front and center really seems creepy AF. Maybe they have something else planned but competing with Zillow, the other portals or chasing windmills like Homesnap seem to be akin to fighting a land war in Asia.

Part of Remine’s recent announcements is their new mascot, “Gia the Giraffe”. I think a giraffe is a perfect metaphor for Remine.

Remine currently offers Agent Pro, Enterprise Pro, Printing Services, Add/Edit module, MLS Public Portal, CMA (360 no less!), Credit Reports, a Consumer Portal, and now a full MLS System. I’ve also heard of a transaction manager in the works and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of other products in the pipeline, or I missed a few. That’s a lot. But the guys at Remine are a confident, and have a “we can do it all” attitude.

But Remine should be smart and not to stick their neck out too far again, although I do realize that’s pretty difficult when you’re a giraffe.

Oct 3 19

Jim or Britany?

by Greg Robertson

Just for clarification….

Britany Spears

Jim Speer

Oct 3 19

CRMLS to share listings with leading Mexican MLS -Terminus System Global

by Greg Robertson

CRMLS and Terminus Sistema Global Sign Groundbreaking Agreement to Share Access

“California Regional MLS, the largest and most recognized multiple listing service in the United States, and Terminus Sistema Global, the leading MLS in Mexico, have signed an agreement to share listing data via reciprocal links inside their MLS systems. This agreement is the first of its kind between CRMLS and an MLS outside of the United States.

As a result of the agreement, real estate professionals on both sides of the border will have more access to listing data than ever, along with a greater capacity to share their listing information with their peers.”

Love this. This totally makes sense for Southern California.

Oct 3 19

New York MLS organizations announce new name

by Greg Robertson

Looks like Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, Inc. and Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing Service’s (HGMLS) joint venture have revealed the name for their new MLS organization: “One Key MLS” or “The One”.

Pictured above (from left to right) is Jim Speer, CEO. Leah Caro, Chairperson of Board of Managers, Richard Haggerty, President and Gary Connolly, Director of the MLS.

Oct 2 19

Industry Relations Episode 38: What the Tinder-ization of Everything Means for Real Estate

by Greg Robertson

Tremors, in and of themselves, cause minimal damage. But sometimes those tremors are the precursor to something a whole lot bigger. Organized real estate is ripe with these little shakeups, and whether you’re a brokerage, franchiser, vendor, portal or agent, the Tinder-ization of everything WILL impact your business. It’s already changing the way we generate leads and may very well eliminate outbound marketing as a viable option.

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg discuss a few of the current tremors making waves in organized real estate, starting with the new FCC rule allowing mobile carriers to block unknown callers. They explain how the iOS 13 update might impact lead generation and why inbound and content marketing will become crucial in light of these changes. 

Rob goes on to explore how the death of outbound marketing could make agent teams that much more important and challenges the idea that agents working with teams qualify as independent contractors under California Assembly Bill 5. Listen in for Greg’s insight around how high agent turnover impacts the way SaaS vendors do business and learn why nimbleness and brand recognition are key to survival in the real estate space. 

What’s Discussed: 

The new FCC rule allowing mobile carriers to block unknown callers

How the iOS 13 update will impact lead generation in real estate

Greg’s insight around the value of inbound + content marketing

How the death of outbound marketing will make agent teams even more important

The distinction between independent contracts and employees in California AB-5

Rob’s argument that team leads qualify as employers under AB-5

How 30% agent churn impacts the way real estate vendors do business

Why SaaS companies in real estate must focus on customer experience

The idea that every day is Day One in establishing brand recognition

Why being nimble is the key to survival in the real estate industry

Connect with Rob and Greg:

Rob’s Website

Greg’s Website


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REALTORS with Guns Facebook Group

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Greg’s Post on Telesales

FCC Rule on Blocking Unknown Callers

California Assembly Bill 5

Chris Drayer’s Post on the Death of Lead Gen

CallAction’s Post on iOS 13

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Sep 26 19

Listing Bits Episode 52: Alexa, How Can Voice Assistants Serve Real Estate? – with Miguel & Ami Berger of Voiceter Pro

by Greg Robertson

You can ask Alexa to turn on the lights, show you the forecast, remind you what’s on your calendar today, or give you the score of the Astros game. And now, voice assistants are expanding to the real estate industry, allowing agents to open their business information and even access the MLS—with the sound of their voice alone!

Miguel and Ami Berger are the creators of Voiceter Pro, the conversational search platform that brings real estate and consumers together via conversations with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. On this episode of Listing Bits, brought to you live from the 2019 RESO Fall Conference, Miguel and Ami share their mission to provide customized voice technology to the real estate space, affording voice access to websites, MLSs and associations. 

Miguel and Ami explain how they came to create the company and describe their vision for Voiceter 2.0, offering insight around potential features and applications that could be added to the platform. Listen in to understand why the Voiceter technology is system agnostic, how industry standards make it easier for small teams to innovate, and what applications Voiceter might facilitate beyond the real estate vertical.

What’s Discussed: 

Voiceter’s mission to provide voice to the real estate industry

How Voiceter affords voice access to MLSs and associations

The potential for Voiceter customization by MLS and agent

How Miguel and Ami came to create Voiceter Pro

Miguel’s vision around potential features for Voiceter Pro

Why the Voiceter Pro team has decided to be system agnostic

How the consumer search works and what info it provides

Voiceter Pro’s intention to integrate with other vendors, APIs

How industry standards support developers like Voiceter Pro

Potential voice applications beyond the real estate vertical

How Voiceter Pro brands to the agent, broker or association


Ami’s Voiceter Pro Presentation at RESO

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Connect with Miguel & Ami:

Voiceter Pro

Voiceter on Vimeo

Voiceter on Twitter

Voiceter on Facebook

Ami on LinkedIn

Miguel on LinkedIn