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Jul 16 18

See you tomorrow at Inman Connect SF

by Greg Robertson

Dan and I will be attending Inman Connect SF starting tomorrow, until Friday. I will be on stage at 4:40PM Tuesday on the “New Kids On The Block” panel (don’t ask) making a special announcement about Cloud CMA. We are super pumped about this announcement and think its one of the most innovative things we’ve done….ever. So stay tuned, and see you is SF!

Jul 16 18

Buyside now powers up to 40% of Real Trends top brokerages

by Greg Robertson

Buyside Now Powering Nearly 40% of REAL Trends Top Ranked Brokerages

“After achieving record growth in the first half of 2018, Buyside has inked partnerships with nearly 40% of the REAL Trends Top 50 ranked brokerage firms. A pioneer in leveraging buyer data, Buyside represents a powerful new way for large brokerages to capture seller leads, win listings, and close more transaction sides in-house.”

What I love about Buyside is that it’s such a deceptively simple idea but can multiple benefits.

Jul 13 18

NAR reveals plans to renovate Chicago Headquarters

by Greg Robertson

It’s got a “Daily Planet” kind of vibe if you ask me. 😜

More details at Inman News.

Jul 12 18

Bridge Interactive announces updated features in new “Parity Plus” API

by Greg Robertson

Bridge Interactive announces updates to modern real estate API

“ParityPlus is a significant release because it combines what many MLSs value about the older industry standard, RETS – customization, most notably – with the speed, familiarity and scalability of a modern Web API. The net effect will be to increase the ease with which real estate data is distributed, secured, shared and built upon.

For MLSs, that means Bridge API now will enable them to build custom data feeds and more tightly define what information is conveyed to specific data recipients. It will also add functionality that gives them more control and fewer limitations.

At the very least this seems to catch Bridge (Zillow) up with other industry offerings, most notably of CoreLogic and FBS. But they have also few other cool options. I’m told there are new features in the API specifically meant to help with data replication.

Jul 11 18

Edina chooses Imprev for marketing automation

by Greg Robertson

Edina Realty Launches “Emma Marketing” Automation for Agents

“In addition to marketing automation, the branded marketing center powered by Imprev is a one-stop marketing shop for agents that includes an extensive library of more custom content. It completes the full marketing cycle by offering agents simple ways to promote their brand and nurture clients outside of marketing their listings.

“We looked at a number of different solutions in our journey to create Emma. Imprev is the best service we found! It’s an easy-to-use, unified solution with best-in-class technology that met all our goals. It’s exciting to see how we’ve been able to streamline our agent’s marketing experience while adding a brand-new dimension of service that they’ve never seen before,” shares David Schmid, vice president of product development at Edina Realty.

“Edina Realty is crafting an amazing experience for their agents by tapping into the power of new, powerful technologies,” says Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev. “A brokerage is in the unique position of having a high-level view of all its listings and pinpointing marketing trends, successes, and challenges. That means brokerages like Edina Realty can effectively enforce marketing best practices for agents through automation, which sets workflows in place that implement the best practices of the best agents across the entire business. Offering that type of value to agents is powerful, and we see it lead to greater success and more revenue for everyone.”

The value proposition for Imprev’s platform is huge for franchisors and any large brokerages. Although Edina’s choice of the name “Emma” did have me confused with a popular email service, “emma” I’ve used in the past.

Jul 11 18

T3 Sixty team grows

by Greg Robertson

From a Facebook post Stefan Swanepoel announced some new team additions and changes at T3 Sixty.

“The T3 Sixty team continues growing to better serve the residential real estate brokerage industry as it undergoes the most signifiant shift and the largest amount of changes, consolidations, innovations and reengineering the industry has experienced in 2 decades.

Please help me in congratulating the newcomers to the T3 Team and those with increased responsibilities!!

* Tinus Swanepoel (recent MBA graduate) has been named Chief Operating Officer and will be responsible for all corporate, marketing, finance, HR and customer service.

* Clint Skutchan joins as a full-time management consultant in the MLS and Association division. Clint previously served as CEO of the Fort Collins Board of Realtors.

* Ed Newman joins as part-time management consultant in the MLS Division. He formerly served as Director of Technology for NorthStar MLSNorthstarMLS.”

Congrats to Tinus, Clint and Ed!

Jul 10 18

About that Zillow rep….

by Greg Robertson

Interesting story on Inman News today.

Zillow sales exec fired after telling Premier Agent customer to ‘take up yoga’

“A Zillow advertising representative was abruptly fired Monday after sending an email on July 4 suggesting that a dissatisfied Premier Agent customer “take up yoga, and breathe a bit,” in response to his request to cancel his membership with the Zillow advertising and lead-generation program.

First off, who amongst hasn’t been there? Amirite?

“In an statement to Inman, Robinson took responsibility for her actions and apologized to Traynor.

“My email stemmed from frustration and was highly out of line,” she said. “I completely accept all responsibility for my wrong doing and am very remorseful and apologetic for acting from emotion and a place of disappointment. [Tony] is a very good agent and only deserves the best. He is on the right, and I was very much in the wrong. I have learned a big lesson and regret it was at Tony’s expense.”

I gotta say some of the comments on this article are crazy. But I think Jessica showed nothing but class in the way she handled the situation. I would hire Jessica in a heartbeat.

Jul 10 18

CoreLogic – Real Estate

by Greg Robertson

Not quite sure when this site (CoreLogic – Real Estate) was updated. My guess is was pretty recent, but I think they did a really great job. The site is nothing too flashy (no pun intended). It’s super simple to navigate and does a great job of showing all the different ways to work with CoreLogic. Great job!

Jul 10 18

Scott Quinn joins Rapattoni as VP of Sales

by Greg Robertson

Scott Quinn Joins Rapattoni Corporation as Vice President of Sales

“Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni) announced today that real estate industry veteran Scott Quinn has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. Mr. Quinn brings over 30 years of industry experience to Rapattoni and will focus on Rapattoni MLS sales as well as lending his expertise to the company’s other products and services, working closely with Vice President of Sales Kevin Wolfe and the company’s sales team.”

Congrats to Scott and Rapattoni.

Jun 28 18

CMLS gets a new look

by Greg Robertson

Have you seen the updated Council of MLS (CMLS) website yet? It is just terrific!

I love, love, love the new site. They’ve simplified everything, even the CMLS logo. Gone are the puzzle pieces and now just the letters in sturdy Helvetica custom font made by 1000watt designer North Bryan.

Word is CMLS reached out to creative agency, 1000watt for the redesign, who they also hired to help create their “Making The Market Work” campaign.