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Sep 2 15

Upstream predictions

by Greg Robertson

Its anonymous poll time kids!

Sep 1 15

Vendor Pro Tip: Check Your Bag before TSA does

by Greg Robertson

A TSA agent dons rubber gloves at Washington Reagan National AirportHave you ever gone to the airport put your laptop bag/backpack through the x-ray scanner and then the TSA agent says they need to search your bag? And at that exact moment you forgot about the pocket knife you had in your bag? Of course, they find the knife, then ask if you want to take it back to your car or they will confiscate it.

That happen to me a couple times, and I never had enough time to go back to my car so I end up losing a pocket knife I spent $30 to $40 dollars on.

Not anymore.

On an iPhone you can set reminders that are geo-fenced. Meaning “Hey Siri, remind me to buy milk when I leave the office.” These reminders are set on location, not a time or date.

So here’s how you solve your knife problem:

“Hey Siri, remind me to look in my bag at John Wayne Airport”.

Problem solved.

And yes I understand that many of you will substitute the word “weed” for “knife”. You’re welcome too.

Sep 1 15

IRES MLS in data share fight with other larger Colorado MLS providers.

by Greg Robertson

And the hits keep coming….

Just heard that a fight might be brewing in Colorado between IRES MLS and REColorado (formerly Metrolist) and Pikes Peak. The story is that IRES hasn’t been complying with existing MLS data share agreements. These issues can always get sticky because larger brokers cover more than one MLS.

UPDATE 9-2-15:

Here’s a blog post from REColorado’s CEO, Kirby Slunaker, regarding the situation.

And a well written response form Lauren Hansen, CEO of IRES MLS.

Some might not think this is really not that newsworthy. I guess when I first posted it I was reading the crap going on in South Florida. But this is really in stark contrast to that situation (and I understand that each situation is different). Both REColorado and IRES MLS have complaints. They both have issues with each other. But I think both MLS providers have done an excellent job of keeping things professional and respectful (at least publicly). And I think that’d pretty cool.

Aug 31 15

Beaches MLS sues JTHS, Miami AOR, Teresa Kinney and staff members for unauthorized MLS access.

by Greg Robertson

This is getting crazy even by South Florida MLS politics standards. The first thing you want to do is read Andrea Brambila’s article on Inman News:

Turf squabble fails to derail Florida association merger
Miami Association of Realtors to grow to nearly 40,000 members

“RAPB has decided to no longer share listing data with MIAMI, cutting off their collective 51,000 members from each other’s listing information. Both Hall and Kinney declined to comment on that decision at this time, saying they would be distributing press releases about it in the near future.

MIAMI and JTHS have been sharing data for years and will continue to do so, Kinney said. JTHS will keep its own MLS system after the merger “for as long as they want,” she said.

“One of the things you don’t want to do with members is mess with their MLS,” she added.”

I’ll say.

Now it appears Beaches MLS asked for and got a temporary restraining order. I’m not clear on how far the order goes but this doesn’t look to be resolved any time soon.

Seems they have proof that and seeking to find more that Miami AOR have gained “unauthorized access” to Beaches MLS listing data.

You can’t make this shit up.

And if you haven’t had your fill of crazy South Florida MLS stories, here’s another whopper.

It’s got MLS manipulation, extortion, police arresting (and that person resisting) at a penthouse and two real estate agents named Jill. Enjoy.

Aug 31 15

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Market Development Manager

Be a part of the hottest vertical in tech! Sindeo is a San Francisco startup in the FinTech space whose goal is to shake up the $2 trillion mortgage category and transform the mortgage experience for consumers.

East Bay Regional Data, Inc. (EBRD)
MLS Operations Manager

East Bay Regional Data, Inc. (EBRD) is a regional MLS serving over 3,000 agents and brokers in Contra Costa and Alameda counties of California, east of the San Francisco Bay. EBRD is owned by the Oakland/Berkeley, Alameda and Delta Associations of REALTORS® and governed by a board of directors made up of elected and appointed brokers and agents.

See these new jobs and many more at the Vendor Alley Job Board!

Aug 20 15

News Corp spent $7 million dollars last quarter suing Zillow

by Greg Robertson

News Corp (NWSA) Earnings Report: Q4 2015 Conference Call Transcript

“That said, listing volume has improved in June and July. Reported segment results include $81 million in revenues and an EBITDA loss of $15 million from Move, which includes $5 million of stock-based compensation and $7 million in legal fees for litigation against Zillow.”

That’s about $2.3M dollar per month. That’s insane. And this is being going on a long time. The real issue here is at the center of all this legal carpet bombing are a couple of regular guys (who have done a lot to better this industry by the way) who just switched gigs.


Aug 14 15

CMLS announces registration now open for RESO Data Dictionary Webinar

by Greg Robertson

Registration is Open for Two Important Education Initiatives: RESO Data Dictionary Webinar and CMLX1 Webinars

“MLSs owned and operated by REALTOR® associations need to be Data Dictionary compliant by the end of the year. Are you ready?

To help prepare you and your team, we’re working with RESO on a Data Dictionary webinar series.

The next two sessions are designed to prepare MLS data experts and technologists for what comes next, but all are welcome to join.”

Let’s do this!

Aug 14 15

IRES powers new public facing website in Colorado.

by Greg Robertson

IRES MLS and CREN MLS Partner For Public Listing Display on®

“We are thrilled to assist brokers, buyers and sellers by displaying southwestern Colorado listings on our very popular public listing site,®”, said Lauren Hansen, IRES CEO. “As the number one lead generator for Northern Colorado listings, we will aim for similar success with the newly added Southwest Colorado listings”, Hansen added.”

Aug 12 15

New Trulia ads get meta

by Greg Robertson

Loving the new Trulia ads! They are by far my favorites of any of the current portal ads running.

Aug 12 15

Revenue and profit

by Greg Robertson

The recent announcement that Zillow is going to pay 108 Million for dotloop got me riled up. Then Dan forwarded me this article from Jason Fried, co-founder of Basecamp. So good, and keeps everything in perspective.

How much are we worth? I don’t know and I don’t care.

“Startups these days are bantered about as if they were in a fantasy football bracket. Did you hear Lyft raised another $150 million at a $2.5 billion valuation? But Uber got tossed another $2.8 billion at a $41.2 billion valuation! Then there are the companies barely off the ground getting VC backing with 25x valuations, despite having no product or business model.

Entrepreneurs by nature are competitive. But fundraising has become the sport in place of the nuts and bolts of building a sustainable business.