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Apr 24 14

Agent Caffeine Interview

by Greg Robertson

I’ll be joining Kelly Mitchell today on her Agent Caffeine show. The show will be broadcast live today at 6PM PT.

Kelly has titled the show “The Death of the MLS”. Which is news to me, I didn’t even know it was sick.

Join us if you can live. I’m a bit grumpy today so I’m not sure how this is going to go. But I’m sure that the interview will be available to listen to later.

Apr 23 14

Why Real Estate Agents Are Important, Now and Forever

by Greg Robertson

Spencer Rascoff, CEO Zillow

Apr 22 14

Cloud Streams

by Greg Robertson

Cloud Streams GW&R takes the field with Cloud Streams

Brian Boero, 1000watt

“This is why last week’s launch of Cloud Streams, the new listing alert and collaboration app from W&R Studios, the makers of Cloud CMA, is significant. They have taken something important and improved upon it. A lot. As a result, agents that set up clients with alerts and “Streams” (what W&R calls the collaboration space) look like heroes, not knuckleheads.

Agents can set up clients to receive email alerts, but also SMS alerts. The emails are responsive, so they look great on a mobile device. The design is clean and attractive. Calls to action are strong.”

We recently launched Cloud Streams locally with CRMLS. So far feedback has been fantastic. If any MLS Execs would like a demo while out at NAR Midyear or GoTo Meeting please reach out to Katie or I.

greg at wrstudios dot com
katie at wrstudios dot com

Apr 15 14

FBS – “Everything is Personal” videos

by Greg Robertson

FBS just released two videos about their company and clients.

I gotta say they knocked these out of the park. So well done. Check them out for yourself.

Apr 9 14

John Walsh out at Dataquick

by Greg Robertson

Word on the street is that John Walsh has left Dataquick. This just weeks after the acquisition by CoreLogic was finalized. From what I hear, this is not the way CoreLogic wanted it to go down. Typically these transitions have C-level execs stay on for a couple of years to help with the transition.

In fact I recently received an email co-sent by John Walsh and Ben Graboske just a couple weeks ago stating…

“In the coming months we will reach out to you with integration updates and introduce other solutions available to you; including new products, expanded technology, enhanced business services and more. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about the acquisition. Together, we look forward to serving you for many years to come.”

“…many years to come” eh?

The deal was being scrutinized by many, and turned out to be a big win for RealtyTrac which gained national coverage and recently launched a file licensing business for sales deed mortgage and tax data along with the hiring of Brian Mushaney. Brian is a heavyweight in this industry. I had a chance to work with him for a short time on a consulting project. This deal immediately puts Realty Trac at the big boys table.


Apr 9 14


by Greg Robertson


“Mitch has taken an increasing role in leading our firm and advising our clients.” He leads the firm’s counseling of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and works with Larson to advise the Council of Multiple Listing Services, along with dozens of other industry clients.”

Great to see good things happen to good people.

Congrats to Mitch and Brian!

Apr 9 14


by Greg Robertson

SWIPEI got a chance to preview and now playing around with a fun app called SWIPE, created by Michele Serro’s team at DOORSTEPS. DOORSTEPS was was acquired by MOVE last year.

The premise is easy, you are presented with a single property photo and the street address. If you like the home you swipe the photo the left in you “PASS” on the home, or swipe to the right to “SAVE” a home. It also aggregates statistics about your preferences. Like I said, easy peasy.

It reminds me of the old website “Hot or Not”, and I’m told mimics a new popular app, Tinder (which for martial reasons I have chosen not to install on my phone). : )

The design is exquisite. Too me it functions basically as a triage for choosing homes.

If I had one quibble it would be that I would rather have the price, beds, and bath on the main screen. I found myself tapping on every photo for more detail. One photo and an address were not enough for me to give a decision to “Pass” on the house or “Save” it for later. Having said that I fear adding too much to the screen might make the app less fun.

I love the fact MOVE is releasing stuff like this. More please! Real estate needs to be more fun. Great job Michele!

Apr 7 14

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

There are currently 3 new job postings on the Vendor Alley Job Board

SentriLock- Account Manager

Move Inc., Industry Relations

Mobile Real Apps, Account Executive, Enterprise Broker Accounts.

Apr 7 14

Who’s next at

by Greg Robertson

I’ve been asked and have been thinking who might be a good replacement for Errol’s position at MOVE. It’s an interesting question. Although I believe Errol’s role had changed over time. So to me the person is about:
1. Repairing the damage.
2. Offer some fresh thinking.
3. Reaching out (schmooze) to the industry to help execute the plan.

And I do realize this position might be considered a step down from their current gig, but I’ve found successful people like a challenge and a new stage once in awhile. Also, while I think there are a lot of persons that are qualified for the position I didn’t include them because they couldn’t offer all three. Here’s my short list, in no particular order, with a bit of commentary.

Marnie Blanco, Executive Director, Strategic Accounts – Dotloop
Marnie is a triple threat. She was instrumental in launching’s “network of broker IDX websites”.

Sherry Chris, President and CEO of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate , LLC
I get the impression Sherry likes a challenge. Maybe another Canadian could do the job.

Rebecca Jensen, CEO at Front Regional MLS
She runs an MLS, a successful public portal, and a software company (her MLS system is home grown), and leads RESO. ‘Nuff said.

Andy Woolley, Vice President- Homes Media Solutions
Super smart, been in the industry forever, respected, lives in California, plus I taught him everything he knows (he is going to love that!)

Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS
He already runs the largest MLS in the country. Manages tons of relationships, current president of CRMLS, and I know always loves a challenge. Think about it.

Kirby Slunaker, President & CEO at Metrolist
I’ve been impressed with Kirby over the last year. He’s taken a very tough position at Metrolist and successfully guided them through an MLS conversion. I call him “the outsider”, because he appears to take his experience from outside the industry and apply them to real estate. Which normally doesn’t work, but in his case, has. Perhaps he could do the same at

Bob Hale, President/CEO of Houston Association of REALTORS
No list would be complete with Bob, although I doubt he would consider it. But maybe, just maybe, Bob could show us all how its done.

So that’s my short list. I’m sure that I forgotten some (or maybe not). I didn’t include any internal candidates, I kept it outside the company. I would love to hear your thoughts on other choices and why.

Apr 5 14

Jason Doyle, GM of, is leaving for new gig.

by Greg Robertson

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 8.10.25 AMWord on the street is that Jason Doyle, after 14 years at Dominion Enterprises, is resigning. Dominion Enterprises is the parent company of I knew Jason from back when eNeighborhoods was acquired by Dominion and always found him to be a smart guy and straight shooter. With juggernauts like Zillow, Trulia and MOVE and their big budgets Jason did a great job in keeping relevant, and profitable. Please join me in wishing him well on his new gig.