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Nov 16 18

GLVAR reverses decision, now will continue to syndicate to Zillow and other third parties.

by Greg Robertson

GLVAR to continue syndicating its MLS data to third parties

“After what GLVAR President Chris Bishop called months of “careful consideration and discussion,” board members of GLVAR and its MLS voted recently to end agreements with all such portals, effective at the conclusion of each contractual term, with Zillow ending in January 2019 and ListHub in June 2019.

But after hearing concerns this month from many of its members, Bishop said GLVAR has reconsidered and will now continue to share its MLS data as it has been while it explores other options.

I hate being right all the time.

Nov 16 18

Lone Wolf and CREA ink deal

by Greg Robertson

Lone Wolf and CREA Announce Major Transaction Management Deal

The new CREA WEBForms® will be powered by Lone Wolf’s TransactionDesk®, an industry-leading document and transaction management system. The new CREA WEBForms® includes unlimited document storage, forms, MLS® integration and agent-level transaction management.

“Our members’ business needs have changed since the creation of CREA WEBForms® and they continue to evolve,” stated Michael Bourque, CREA’s CEO. “CREA WEBForms® needs to adapt to changing needs in a timely fashion, integrate with board and association MLS® Systems and other third-party tools used by members across the country.”

If I’m reading this right it sounds like Lone Wolf just site licensed a whole country. Nice work!

Nov 16 18

TRIBUS to send agent-sold data to Zillow immediately after a closing

by Greg Robertson

Finally, Zillow will automatically update agent sales data

In a move that could significantly reduce manual data entry, real estate technology vendor TRIBUS on Thursday announced it will automatically send updated sales data through its brokerage platform to Zillow following a closing.

TRIBUS – which boasts a portfolio of clients that includes RE/MAX Results, Zephyr Real Estate and Climb Real Estate – provides brokerages with custom platforms, brokerage websites, company intranet and other tech products.

The new partnership will allow agents to bypass hours of manually entering home sales data into Zillow, executives said in a statement.

“We’re excited to work with TRIBUS on behalf of our mutual broker partners to automate the publishing of a broker’s sold data to Zillow Group sites,” Sara Bonert, Zillow’s vice president of broker services, said in a statement. “This means their data will get to our sites faster and more accurately, eliminating the need for public records and manual data entry.”

This is a vast improvement over the manual process. Big Kudos to Zillow for working with TRIBUS on making this happen. TRIBUS has been really hustling the past few years and its great to see that work pay off. Congrats to Eric, Katie and the rest of the TRIBUS team.

Nov 15 18

T3 Sixty releases “scorecards” for real estate technology companies

by Greg Robertson

Comprehensive scorecards for real estate tech companies

“The T3 Tech Scorecards consist of an independent, standardized survey of each company’s users, an analysis of the company’s products with a detailing of the pros and cons, a description of the ideal customer for each product and best practices for effective agent adoption. Additionally, an overall description of the product and the company is included as well as an actual scorecard grade.

According to Jack Miller, President and Chief Technology Officer of T3 Sixty, these are but the first four T3 Tech Scorecards and they will be followed by at least one new assessment every month “until we’ve reviewed and analyzed all meaningful quality technology offerings in the market that brokers and agents should consider.”

Here’s a link to a scorecard they did for BombBomb ====> BombBomb – Tech Satisfaction Report – Scorecard – August

Nice data viz on the results.

You can see more scorecards at

Nov 15 18

Eric Wu has a plan

by Greg Robertson

From Inman News…

Opendoor CEO wants to make homebuying and selling free

On Monday, Wu outlined his vision during a panel session at the Techonomy 18 technology conference in Half Moon Bay, California, at a hotel perched on an oceanside bluff.

In his opening statement on the panel, Wu said Opendoor wanted to make real estate transactions both “frictionless” and “over time, a free experience.” He repeated this goal later on and added that it “requires patience and requires time.”

This reminds me of the recent adage, “When something online is free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.”

Nov 14 18

Ebby Halliday finds success with Buyside

by Greg Robertson

Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc. Reports Early Success Generating New Listings Following Brokerage-wide Launch of Buyside

“Ebby Halliday Real Estate Inc, one of the largest brokerage firms in the country, is reporting strong initial results after a brokerage-wide launch of Buyside this summer. Buyside, a data-driven marketing solution, aggregates buyer data from the brokerage’s own website and other major real estate portals, helping agents show prospective sellers the real-time demand for their home. After just over 60 days on the platform, Ebby Halliday is reporting positive results with Buyside, including hundreds of seller-leads generated and listings signed.”

I’ve always thought Buyside’s value proposition was simple yet extremely powerful.

Nov 12 18

Merri Jo Cowen awarded the Peter Shuttleworth MLS Executive Award of Excellence

by Greg Robertson

Merri Jo Cowen Named Peter Shuttleworth MLS Executive Award Of Excellence Recipient

The Peter Shuttleworth MLS Executive Award of Excellence is an annual award that recognizes leaders who, through a rigorous nomination and review process, are determined to have observed the highest qualities of leadership within their organizations and demonstrated a dedication to excellence by making substantial contributions to the MLS industry.

I’m still catching up with news after a long trade show season. I was lucky enough to be at the MLS Executive Session to the surprise on Merri Jo’s face. Read the entire post from CMLS, she has accomplished so much and I have a feeling she is just getting started. Well deserved. Congrats Merri Jo!

Nov 11 18

Thanks Mom!

by Greg Robertson


Nov 8 18

GLVAR to stop syndicating listings to Zillow and other portals

by Greg Robertson

Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS notification email:

“The Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) and its MLS knows that protection of MLS data is a priority for its members. While it has always been the individual brokerage’s decision as to syndicate its listing data and to which third party portals, GLVAR and the MLS played a role in facilitating syndication with a series of agreements with several third-party portals. After careful consideration and discussion, GLVAR and its MLS have decided to end that facilitation to all such portals. These agreements will end at the conclusion of each contractual term, with Zillow ending in January 2019 and ListHub in June 2019.

The idea behind this decision was that individual brokers here in Southern Nevada will now be able to decide where they send their individual listing data, and to what websites. Each individual brokerage will be free to negotiate agreements with the various third-party portals on their own or choose not to syndicate at all.”

There is also a video talking about how they came to the decision. I think the brokers should be careful what they wish for. I wonder if “syndication” is becoming a thing again……uggh!

Nov 8 18

SIBOR adds voice enabled search

by Greg Robertson

Staten Island REALTORS® Select Voiceter Pro 
As Voice-Powered Home Listing Search Provider

“By saying “Alexa, Open Staten Island Real Estate” or “Hey Google, talk to Staten Island Real Estate,” consumers can have a conversation with their favorite personal assistant, who will guide them through their search of home listings.

Free to use, consumers can specify their desired location, price range, number of bedrooms and other information to find homes that meet their needs. Alexa and Google will verbally report the top three matches and consumers will receive an email with complete listing details for all results with links to the listings at”

I’ve seen a few demos from Voiceter and they are impressive. I think the use cases for real estate are interesting. Search is a tough use case in my opinion. My thought would be for market updates/listing alerts. As in…”Hey Alexa, tell me about homes for sale in my neighborhood.” Then I could passively listen to listing details, almost like when I ask “Alexa, how is the weather today.”

Still, I wonder how far they have gone to incorporate the colloquialisms of Staten Island natives.

“Hey Alexa, find me a house that’s dope!”

“Hey Google, find me a new condo that’s banging”