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Aug 23 19

Curbio wins pitch battle at NAR’s iOi Summit

by Greg Robertson
Photo: Via NAR FB

“The contenders — eight women and six men — were each on stage for eight, visibly nerve-wracking minutes: four to present their product using slides and four to get grilled by industry judges, as conference attendees and thousands of livestream viewers looked on.
“Our goal with this competition is to identify and showcase concepts poised to help drive the real estate industry forward,” said NAR CEO Bob Goldberg in a statement.
Rikki Rogers, Curbio’s vice president of marketing, delivered the startup’s pitch on stage.
“We let every homeowner flip their own property and cash in on their most important asset,” she told attendees. “We renovate homes before they go on the market so they sell for the best possible price. And we wait until settlement to get paid. Whether the home sells in six days or six months, the cost to the seller is the same and Curbio is paid for our work at closing through the proceeds of the sale.”

NAR Newsroom: Curbio Named Winner at NAR’s Second Annual iOi Summit Pitch Battle

I participated last year at NAR’s inaugural iOi Summit. I pitched Cloud CMA’s new iBuyer Connect feature. I didn’t attend this year but the event last was very well produced and I’ve heard the same about this event in Seattle. I met a member of Curbio’s team, Rebecca, at Inman Connect last month in Las Vegas. I got a chance to hear about their vision and plans for the company. I really think they were on to something. Huge congrats to Curbio.

Aug 23 19

Bar Etiquette

by Greg Robertson

The 21 Rules of Bar Etiquette

“If you are having friends meet you out, clear your tab before they show up. It’s not cool if they end up paying, but more important, it’ll make you look like the drunk that you really are.”

Lots of these ring true. Number 21 is a go to for me.

Aug 22 19

Boost, our MLS Staff Summit was a hit!

by Greg Robertson

We had a great time at Boost – The MLS Staff Summit this year. Good times, good conversations, and an upgraded boat!

The feedback was great so we are doing it again next year – so plan your budget accordingly! Save the date: August 5th – 7th 2020!

Boost – The MLS Staff Summit 2020 Registration

Aug 19 19

Constellation acquires SmartZip

by Greg Robertson

The Constellation Real Estate Group Acquires Assets of SmartZip

The Constellation Real Estate Group (“CREG”), has announced today that it has acquired certain assets of SmartZip Analytics Inc. (“SmartZip”), a pioneer in predictive analytics and award-winning provider of data-driven marketing automation and lead generation products for the real estate industry.
The acquisition includes SmartZip’s SmartTargeting platform, patent-pending predictive analytics, data solutions, and automated referral-building content system, Reach150.

If you are an avid Vendor Alley reader, you already knew this was coming.

I’m sure every industry has bottom feeders like Constellation Software. It just feels like every time Constellation Software buys a company, a puppy dies.

Aug 19 19

In case anybody asks…

by Greg Robertson

Get it? 😆

Aug 13 19

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Data Base Developer – First MLS

“The DBD is responsible for developing and maintaining all FMLS external and internal databases, reports, and automated emails/notifications. Acts as primary contact in troubleshooting issues associated with data distribution, reporting, and automated emails. “

For details on this job posting and more please visit the Vendor Alley Job Board.

Aug 12 19

ShowingTime hits record milestone

by Greg Robertson
Photo Credit: ShowingTime

Celebrating a New Milestone – and the Agent Who Helped Us Reach it

“On July 4, 2019 at 6:51 a.m. EST, when most people in Charlotte, N.C., were hitting the snooze button ahead of Independence Day celebrations, Evona Cholewa of RE/MAX Executive was wide awake and doing what she loves: helping a client find the home of their dreams.

That morning, Evona worked with the ShowingTime Appointment Center to schedule a home showing for her client, just as she had done countless times before. Unbeknownst to Evona, however, the otherwise routine action had special significance: it represented the 300 millionth showing managed through ShowingTime.”

What a great story. 300 million is such an incredible feat! I can only imagine the huge sense of accomplishment that Scott, Michael and the rest of the ShowingTime team must feel. Congrats!

Aug 12 19

Listing Bits Episode 50: The Pioneers of MLS Consolidation – with Brian Donnellan of Bright MLS

by Greg Robertson

“These combinations are fragile. You’re pulling 43 associations together. You’re pulling all these different boards together. You’re pulling all these different things together … so, I suppose you could look at blowing it up and go, ‘Why the hell did you do that?’ [The consolidation of MLSs] was a big deal and was very, very expensive. It really was, both in time and energy and everything involved. But you could also look at it this way: It’s something that had to be done. It really, really did. So, you can take your pain now or later.”

Brian Donnellan is the interim CEO of Bright MLS, a consolidation of nine forward-thinking MLSs in the Mid-Atlantic region that serves 85K real estate professionals and facilitates approximately 250K annual transactions valued at more than $70B. Brian has 13 years of industry experience, serving as CFO and COO of MRIS prior to the merger. On this episode of Listing Bits, Brian shares the challenges of merging different personalities and cultures and explains how the Bright consolidation gave others the courage to follow suit.

Brian also offers insight around the power of relationships in the real estate industry, the factors that influence growing agent attrition, and the value of building a product that helps brokers and agents make better decisions. Listen in to understand why Bright MLS is bringing on new staff from outside the industry and learn how the team’s commitment allowed them to endure criticism during the consolidation and get to a place they can be proud of!

**A quick note, due to a microphone issue the sound quality of this episode isn’t that great.**

What’s Discussed: 

Brian’s background in information systems and public policy

How we underestimate the relationship aspect of real estate

Brian’s insight on the factors that influence agent attrition

How building a better product supports agent production

The challenge of merging the cultures of MRIS + TREND MLS

The distinction among members, customers and subscribers

The rocky start to the process of consolidating Bright MLS

How the Bright team endured the criticism on social media

The value of bringing in new staff from outside the industry

Brian’s pride in Bright’s progress and vision of the future


Inman Connect

Teaching Strategies


Tom Phillips

David Charron

Frank Major

Chris Finnegan

Mike DelGaudio

Connect with Brian:

Bright MLS

Brian on LinkedIn

Aug 9 19

Hello RESO Web API

by Greg Robertson

Cloud Agent Suite Says Goodbye to RETS, Hello to RESO Web API

“When Greg Robertson talks, people listen. If you’ve heard the co-founder of W+R Studios speak at a real estate conference, you know he can be blunt. His frank and pragmatic nature has made him a successful, respected, and much-loved industry leader.
Robertson’s company’s latest bold announcement is lighting the path for others to follow. In June, W+R Studios, creator of Cloud Agent Suite, announced that it would no longer accept RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) feeds for new MLS integrations. Cloud CMA and all other products in the Cloud Agent Suite are now only accepting new feeds via the industry’s modernized data sharing standard: the RESO Web API.”

Somewhat older news, but what a great first sentence. 🤪

Aug 9 19


by Greg Robertson

RE/MAX officially launches long-awaited ‘end-to-end’ booj platform

“The introduction of the booj platform is arguably the single greatest increase to our value proposition in our history,” Contos added.

While I respect Adam, I’ll argue that when first launched a “network of broker IDX websites” back in 2006 that was truly a game changer. I was there. See below:

RE/MAX To Open National IDX Website – August 2005

“Liniger and Kristi Graning, RE/MAX vice president, information technology, explained that RE/MAX is increasing staff by 50 people, and that all the regions will have more sophisticated websites. will be the portal, and then consumers will be directed to the region city to have access to all the listings. 

“The national network of IDX websites will be seamless to the consumer and we will be compliant with IDX in each MLS,” says Graning. RE/MAX will license technology from Florida-based Siegent, Inc. (eNeighborhoods, Wyldfyre and ReChannel) to aggregate the IDX listings.”

Kristi Graning VP of RE/MAX, Stu Siegel CEO of eNeighborhoods, and Bruce Benham SVP of RE/MAX. Photo Credit: Greg Robertson (circa 2005)

eNeighborhoods was subsequently acquired by Dominion Enterprises, which operates So, effectively has been “Powered by” for about 14 years. All that time, ably lead by Andy Woolley.

In those 14 years, is now the top national broker website and the platform, by my calculations, has generated close to 50 million referral free leads to RE/MAX agents.

Dave Liniger showing Stu and Andy his car collection. Photo Credit: Greg Robertson (circa 2005)

Execution is everything. RE/MAX’s booj team has some big shoes to fill. It will be interesting to check out how things are going in the next few years.

No pressure.