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Nov 15 19

Vote for Katie!

by Greg Robertson

Voting for the 2020 RESO Board of Directors starts Monday, November 18th. I have to say it’s an outstanding group to choose from. It’s great to see so many people step up and want to help our industry move forward.

Included in this stellar roster of candidates is Katie Smithson. Of course, I’m very biased but I sincerely hope you consider voting for Katie as a 2020 director of RESO. Since the day Katie joined W+R Studios she has always been civic-minded. It’s one of her best traits. She has seen first hand, by working with MLS providers, MLS vendors, and developers, the need and benefit of standards. Katie is more than qualified to help RESO with its goals.

Nov 12 19

MoxiWorks/Vector Capital acquire Imprev

by Greg Robertson

MoxiWorks Acquires Imprev, the Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Service

Robert Amen, Managing Director of Vector Capital, said, “We are pleased to support MoxiWorks’ acquisition of Imprev as it continues its relentless focus on its customers, client satisfaction, and deep, cross-industry relationships. Imprev enhances MoxiWorks’ technology and product offering and furthers the company’s ongoing mission to make real estate technology more automated.”

It looks like a classic roll-up strategy from Vector Capital. They first acquire MoxiWorks and now bring Imprev into the fold. I’m just glad no puppies were harmed.

I’ve known Renwick Congdon, CEO, and Founder of Imprev, for a very long time. Renwick is a principled and smart leader and has built an incredible company and team. Imprev’s Renwick’s first software application was as a real estate flyer program for Macs back in 2000 1994 (we were booth neighbors at NAR Annual 1996…time flies). He was one of my first guests on the Listing Bits podcast. Cheers my friend.

Nov 12 19

Chris Carrillo receives prestigious award from CMLS

by Greg Robertson
Denee, Chris and Merri Jo

Christopher Carrillo Named Peter Shuttleworth MLS Executive Award of Excellence Recipient

The Peter Shuttleworth MLS Executive Award of Excellence is an annual award that recognizes leaders who are determined to have exhibited the highest qualities of leadership within their organizations and demonstrated a dedication to excellence in Making The Market Work®.
“Chris Carrillo never hides his passion and wears it with pride which is why we are pleased to recognize him as the 2019 Shuttleworth Award recipient, the MVP,” said Cowen. “Chris promotes and advocates for the value of MLS every day and is a champion of advancing the MLS both nationally and in his local market.” 

I should have posted this yesterday so I could have both thanked Chris for his service to our country and this industry. Bravo!

Nov 11 19

Nice job NAR!

by Greg Robertson
Photo Credit: Andy Bencosme


Nov 11 19

Statement from CMLS CEO, Denee Evans

by Greg Robertson

The following remarks regarding the proposed “Clear Cooperation Policy” were presented by CMLS CEO Denee Evans to the NAR Multiple Listing Issues and Policy Committee on Saturday in San Francisco. The Committee voted to approve the policy. It was subsequently approved by the NAR Executive Committee. A final vote by the NAR Board of Directors is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday, November 11).

“Good morning, I’m Denee Evans, CEO of the Council of Multiple Listing Services, CMLS. CMLS is the national trade association for MLSs with 226 MLSs members serving over 1.4 million subscribers.
I’m a firm believer that before offering solutions, we should be very clear about the problem we are trying to solve. Our problem today is clear: ensuring that cooperation remains the heart of organized real estate. Competitors – fierce competitors – coming together and cooperating to ensure consumers have equal opportunity to homeownership must be preserved. This is a stand we must take because cooperation between real estate professionals on a shared
platform is in the best interest of MLSs, REALTORS, consumers and the residential real estate market as a whole.
To be clear, this policy is not about getting between the REALTOR/ client relationship. This policy is not about the consumer losing their right to privacy. This policy is not about “coming soon” listings. This policy is not about endorsing or shunning any business model.
This policy is about stomping out dark silos of information. This policy is about doing what is in the best interest of the consumer. This policy is about making sure all agents have access to all listings and are able to share them with their clients regardless if they know the “right agent” or belong to the right groups.
REALTORS, please know that this policy protects your right to serve your customer by ensuring that you have access to all the inventory.
This policy is about clearly articulating the value of MLS —cooperation among competitors for the benefit of consumers.
There is no question that cooperation is in the best industry of organized real estate and the consumer. CMLS is in full support of the proposed MLS Policy Statement 8.0. We urge the Committee and the NAR Board of Directors to pass this proposal now, not in May.
There are legitimate questions about implemention in local markets. For that reason, and upon review of feedback, comments, questions, and discussion, CMLS recommends extending the implementation deadline to May 1, 2020.
CMLS in committed to working with our members, NAR, brokers and stakeholders to produce and publish best practices, resources, educational materials and guidelines so MLSs have the information and tools to implement effectively.
We encourage committee members and everyone in this room to educate themselves and others on what this policy is and what it is not. When you clearly understand what problem this policy is trying to solve, the decision is clear.”


Well said. Final vote is today. #putitonthemls

Nov 9 19

Three California MLS Providers launch new data share platform, “RE California”

by Greg Robertson

MetroList, BAREIS, and SFAR Announce the Creation of RE California, A Technology Initiative By and For MLSs

“RE California will provide the ability for listing data for all participating MLSs to be entered into one MLS system and immediately be real-time synchronized and available in other authorized MLS systems using a common database that is Data Dictionary 1.7 platinum certified.

At launch, MetroList, BAREIS and SFAR’s more than 33,000 subscribers will have full access to all Active and Off- Market listings, including Solds. Additionally, the RE California database will contain an initial information database of over 2.9 million MLS comparable and active listings – representing the largest single MLS database and geographic coverage area in California.”

They are using Rapattoni for the tech. Developing…

Nov 7 19

We got nipple

by Greg Robertson

As I head to NAR Annual in San Francisco I can help but remember back to NAR Annual 2003, also held in San Francisco, when I hired Fabio for a meet and greet at our eNeighborhoods booth.

We ran a full centerfold spread ad in REALTOR Magazine to promote his appearance. To this day I think its the only ad in REALTOR Magazine that ever showed full nipple.

So don’t believe anyone when they tell you not to follow your dreams.


Nov 7 19

CMLS supports NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0, suggests longer time for MLS providers to implement

by Greg Robertson

Cooperation Is Vital To Our Industry

“As the organization that serves to advance multiple listing services through collaboration, CMLS gathered feedback and promoted conversations to explore the implications and opportunities of Policy Statement 8.0,” said Denee Evans, CEO of CMLS. “CMLS believes that cooperation between real estate professionals on a shared platform is in the best interest of MLSs, brokers, consumers, and organized real estate as a whole.”

Based on industry feedback, CMLS recommended an amendment to the proposal delaying the implementation deadline of March 1, 2020 to May 1, 2020. This will allow MLSs and their membership to engage the local market and evaluate best practices.

Nice to see CMLS step up.

Nov 6 19

Rob Hahn calls bullshit on Compass claims

by Greg Robertson

Compass and Coming Soon: Not About the Client

“If the Governing Principles to the Compass Agreement had read something like “Agent must use “Coming Soon” with those sellers who understand the pros and cons of the program, have privacy concerns, or other extenuating circumstances, first activating those listings for 5 days internally…” then there is some basis to think that maybe the policy really is about providing flexibility to the seller.

But the way the Agreement spells things out, it is crystal clear that Compass doesn’t care about the seller in the least bit. In fact, I’m not even sure that Compass cares about the fiduciary relationship between the Agent and his or her sellers. I mean, how likely is it that every single seller of a Compass agent would benefit from “Coming Soon” that is exclusive to Compass for a minimum of 10 days?”

Someone sent a copy of Compass’ Independent Contractor Agreement to Rob and its a doozie. Apparently, if I’m reading this right, a Compass agent under this agreement must put their ALL their listings in the in-house Coming Soon/Pocket Listing process or they lose their splits and perks.

For some reason “Cory” left that little nugget out of in their “pre-litigation” letter to Bright MLS.

Here’s Rob again about Compass’ claims…

“ “All of Agent’s sellers” puts the lie to the various excuses offered up that Coming Soon is really about client service. A “Coming Soon” strategy that is about the seller would never be a blanket one-size-fits-all policy, but one that makes certain that the seller is well-informed and is voluntarily choosing the strategy fully aware of the risks and rewards involved.

What a disaster.


Nov 6 19

Redfin throws support to NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0, cites “minority” access.

by Greg Robertson

Why We Should All Support Clear Cooperation

Redfin Supports Clear Cooperation
We hope it’s approved. After years of giving visitors early, exclusive access to Redfin listings, we wholeheartedly support this policy. We aren’t doing this because it’s good for Redfin: we still have thousands of listings that we would love to reserve for our own website. But we know that the policy is a crucial protection for consumers, especially members of minority groups who, research shows, are often the last to find out about pocket listings.

My man-crush on GFK (Glenn Fucking Kelman) continues.