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Jan 20 15 seeks new CEO.

by Greg Robertson

AK-Anne-Klein-Christa-Red-PumpBack when I wrote that Rebecca Jensen had taken the CEO position at MRED, LLC. I failed to mention that they had already announced an interim President and CEO, Joseph Szurgyi. Joseph has been with since 2007 and most recently served as their Director of Operations.

But the search for a replacement CEO is underway.

Rebecca steps in to a very different gig at MRED. At she basically ran a software company (due to their proprietery MLS system). At MRED they have a MLS vendor, dynaconnections. Since dynaconections is a relatively smaller player I think it will be a great match for Rebecca. They always rank very high on customer satisfaction surveys.

It got me thinking if will stay on the path with hosting their own “home-grown” MLS system. Then, this morning, I received the final job description from for the search of a new CEO, and it states,

“ considers itself a technology company and provides MLS services; and it is not mandatory that the CEO be a programmer or have extensive programming experience.”

So that seems to confirm that they do want to stay independent of an MLS vendor. Certainly their are great examples of this happening successfully out there, TheMLS/CLAW, RMLS, MLSPIN and IRES, come to mind.

The bigger takeaway for me is that this is not just another MLS Exec gig. And whomever takes over Rebecca’s position has some tough Anne Klein’s to fill.

Jan 19 15


by Greg Robertson


“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

Jan 17 15

iMapp “ceasing operations”

by Greg Robertson

ARMLS and imapp


I guess the “Strategic Agreement” with CRS Data didn’t work out.


Then there’s this…

Realist Tax System Ending

“On the morning of January 14, those who have Realist set as their default tax provider will be switched to Monsoon. Realist users may switch back to Realist temporarily or access Realist from the Taxes menu until January 28, when Realist will be removed permanently.

Sounds like a Monsoon alright.

Jan 16 15

How to hold a better Open House

by Greg Robertson

Hack WeekIn part 3 of W&R Studios “Hack Week” developers try to disrupt the way agents hold an Open House. Check it out:

W&R Studios “Hack Week” – Part 3

I gotta say that I think Tory and Derek really did a great job (given they only had a week.)

I’m also very impressed that the video presentation of Part 2 of this series, “Cloud MLX” , has over 100 views!

Fun stuff!

Jan 15 15

Rupert Murdoch to keynote at Inman Connect NYC

by Greg Robertson


Jan 14 15

Rapattoni & MetroList Services first to implement RESO Data Dictionary 1.3

by Greg Robertson

I must have missed this last week.

Rapattoni Implements First RESO Data Dictionary Certification with MetroList Services, Inc.

Brian Tepfer, Chief Technology Officer at Rapattoni, said, “The RESO Data Dictionary is commonly referred to as the Rosetta Stone for real estate data because it ensures that each MLS system speaks the same language, using a common standard that defines all data in consistent terms. Establishing this common standard represents a significant achievement for the industry. We’re thankful to MetroList for leading the charge and we’re excited to be the first MLS vendor to provide our customers with Data Dictionary 1.3 compatibility.”

“The standardized mapping of data and delivery of these fields will assist us in releasing products and services to our participants and subscribers,” said Rick Trevino, IT Director of MetroList. “We are looking forward to our first RETS Data Dictionary integration and this accomplishment could not have occurred without the expertise and hard work of Rapattoni’s RETS team.”

Pretty cool. Kudos to Rapattoni and MetroList Services. I kind feel that Standards are like the 4 minute mile. Once someone breaks it, then the rest will follow. It just needs to be shown that it can be done.

Jan 14 15

Swanepoel’s “Power 200” list includes many MLS execs and vendors.

by Greg Robertson

logoStephan Swanepoel just released his list of “the most powerful people in residential real estate 2014/15″. Dubbed the “Power 200″ the list includes many MLS executives, consultants and vendors in real estate.

Bob Hale, David Charon, Art Carter, Jim Harrison, Merri Jo Cowen, Tom Phillips, Kathy Condon, Teresa King Kinney, and Kipp Cooper made the list under (Organized Real Estate).

Denee Evans, new CEO of CMLS, also made the list.

A few industry consultants and publishers made the list as well under the “Thought Leader” category: Brad Inman, Marilyn and Victor Lund, Gregg Larson, Brian Boero, Marc Davison, Ann Bailey, Brian Larson and Lani and Benn Rosales.

The list also includes many vendors, such as Andy Rapattoni, Rich Lull, Michael Wurzer, Jay Gaskill, Curt Beardsley, Chris Bennett, and Lorne Wallace.

I was also very honored to be included on the list in the “Technology” category no less! I just squeaked in at #199 (as it should be), just beating out Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmasters! I’m sure this will cause Morgan to lose a lot of sleep at night. ; )

The list was curated by Stefan Swanepoel and Rob Hahn. So my thanks to them.

Which gives me a great segue to plug the T3 Summit Conference. The conference is being held April 8th to 10th this year at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. The conference is 3 years old now and I’ve been to each one. I’ve written about it in the past and I think this latest conference will be their best one yet.

Here’s a highlight reel from last year.

My favorites include Stefan’s interviews, and when Rob Hahn takes the stage with his “black swan” conspiracy theories.

Katie Smithson and I will be attending this year so I hope to see you there.

There are some limitations on registrants (I think it sold out last year) but you can find out more info here.

My thanks again to Stefan and his team. Nice surprise to wake up to!

Jan 12 15

Andy Woolley named VP of Industry Relations for

by Greg Robertson

Woolley_Andy-199x300Andy Woolley Named Vice President of Industry Development of®

“ is committed to providing consumers with the best possible search experience by offering the most accurate and timely data available, combined with being a ‘friend to the industry’ by positioning the listing agent as a critical part of the consumer inquiry,” said Dave Mele, president of “Andy brings a wealth of experience to a critical area of our business as we focus on strengthening and expanding our partnerships throughout the country to help agents, brokers and MLSs grow their businesses.”

Jan 12 15

Zillow’s Obi-Wan Kenobi moment

by Greg Robertson

obiwan zillow

Something I started to think about over the weekend in regard to this move by Zillow (or so it seems) of deciding not to re-sign with ListHub. I guess because I’m a geek I tend to think of things as scenes in Star Wars. To me this move by Zillow reminded me when Obi-Wan and Vader dueled towards the end of Episode 4, “A New Hope” -The original Star Wars movie. In that scene Obi-Wan warned Vader, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” When Obi-Wan saw that Luke and the rest were safe he closed his eyes and let Vader “strike him down”.

Obi had a plan. In Zillow’s case, they were prepared. The very same day they announced they were not re-signing with ListHub they also announced their Zillow Data Dashboard.

But what’s not clear is what’s MOVE’s plan? To me the scenario could play out that for a set period of time will have a crapload of more listings than Zillow. This of course depends on if and when you think Zillow will be able to make up the delta of listings on their site by signing direct data agreements with MLS providers. Even if you assume they will make up the difference of listings, it still will take some time.

That time period is a HUGE opportunity for MOVE.

If I were MOVE ( I would be getting ready to launch a huge marketing push, the day the ListHub agreement expires, to take advantage of a weak Zillow. The goal of this campaign would be to get in to consumers heads that Zillow does not have all the listings, but does. Kind of a “Inventory Matters” campaign, rather than a “Accuracy Matters” campaign.

Maybe this is all underway, maybe not. Maybe they have another plan. But Zillow seems very confident, and that should be worrisome.

Jan 9 15

Can you build a better MLS system in just a week?

by Greg Robertson

paul and JonThey tried!

W&R Studios “Hack Week” Part 2