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Jul 1 14

RIP Vern Bybee

by Greg Robertson

Greg Zadel posted this on Facebook today.

“Friends of Pat Bybee, when Pat was killed, two souls were taken. Vern is now back with “his bride”. Officially an abdominal thing, but in reality a terminal broken heart. May they both rest in peace together.”

Jun 30 14


by Greg Robertson

The rumors started last week. A glitch on Facebook is what some thought. Then my DM Twitter feed starting blowing up. “Is he gone?”, “Is Russ out at MRED?” Then the Vendor Alley Tip Line starting lighting up. “Russ is out. Russ is out.”

A returned text message, confirmed it. Russ had resigned from MRED.

Nobody knows all the details. Inman News regurgitated an email he sent out to some of us.

But, lets face it. Its amazing Russ was able to accomplish what he did at MRED. MLS politics in Chicagoland are infamous, not to mention you are right in NAR’s backyard. When he first got the gig I was a bit surprised. Russ has never been afraid to express his opinion. Who doesn’t perk up when they hand Russ the microphone at an industry event? You know something good is coming.

Chicago seemed an odd match for an CEO who spoke his mind.

But it’s all speculation at this point. Fact is the reason Russ spoke his mind is very simple. He cares. And that my friends, is a good thing.

And I look forward to when Russ decides to step up to the microphone once again.

Jun 27 14

CoStar and

by Greg Robertson

The Motley Fool:

“I recently wrote a Motley Fool article Why Investors Who Like Zillow Should Love CoStar Group, for investors interested in the fast growing real estate technology space. It was syndicated a few days before rumors and reports began circulating regarding Trulia, (NYSE: TRLA ) acquiring Move, (NASDAQ: MOVE ) , operator of

My article concluded with an observation that CoStar Group (NASDAQ: CSGP ) — rather than Trulia — would be a great marriage. Here is a quick chart that shows at a glance why Move, looks like a bargain for the other major players in this space:”

Interesting analysis.

Jun 27 14

Coming Soon Snake Oil

by Greg Robertson

‘Coming soon’ listing strategies are so last year
Teresa Boardman Inman News Contributor

“Now that the market is shifting a bit, the prelisting system is still out there. But the rest of us no longer see it as a threat — more like an agent or client recruiting tool, or just a sleazy marketing tactic.

Real estate is local and the national websites just cannot keep up with the local trends in each market. In some markets, “coming soon” is a big deal.

But I think it is safe to predict that eventually something else will become the next big thing in real estate marketing.”

Good read from Teresa. Matches up with what I’ve been saying. Coming Soon is just a fad to be replaced by something else.

Jun 26 14

Fat Chance Row Update – Day 9, 417 miles rowed, 2,224 and no pants.

by Greg Robertson

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 1.31.49 PMSami Inkinen (co-founder of Trulia) and his wife Meredith are on Day 9 of their “fight against the silent killer, sugar”, dubbed Fat Chance Row. They raised over $200,000 for their cause. With 2,224 miles to go their “divorce meter is still at zero”.

They are live blogging their world record attempt and the website. You can also live track them on their journey. There is also a twitter account.

I gotta say that now they are underway I’m completely rooting for them. I can’t imagine what they must be facing. How crazy would it be if they pulled it off?! What do you think?

Jun 25 14

RBI Launches SmartCharts

by Greg Robertson

smartcharts_logoMy thanks to RBI for sponsoring Vendor Alley. Their product MARKETrends Premium is available in over 130 MLS providers. You can find out more by clicking their ad on the right of the main page of, or just visit,

RBI also recently announced its launch of their next generation of housing analytics called SmartCharts (I love the logo)
. You can find out more information at new SmartCharts site, I saw an early preview of this and its pretty cool.

If you would like to speak directly to someone from MRIS or RBI regarding additional information on the rebrand and new market information available OR to set-up a walk-through of the new platform either in-person or through an online demo, please contact Amanda at amanda at abelcommunications dot com.

Full Press Release Below:

Next Generation of Housing Analytics Launched with SmartCharts from RBI

Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Professionals Now Access Enhanced Market Information with the New SmartCharts Platform

ROCKVILLE, MD (June 25, 2014)—MRIS, the industry-leading Mid-Atlantic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that facilitates nearly $125 million a day in real estate transactions, announced today that its subsidiary, RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI), has launched its new market information platform, SmartCharts, and expanded its rbiEXPERT premium version as SmartCharts Pro.

SmartCharts are created from the most accurate housing data available – MLS data, and are delivered in simple, easy-to-understand charts and reports. In addition to the slick new look and feel, RBI has added many new features to help Mid-Atlantic region real estate professionals understand their market inside out, including:

· Over three times the market statistics: The expansion of statistics from 10 to 37 will further help consumers and professionals understand how long it may take to buy or sell, current price trends, success rates and more.

· More ways to compare: The explore feature is revamped to offer more metrics to compare locations, including subdivisions, and market trends over time.

· Historical data: Customers can view back 10 years to get more context of before, during and after the housing bubble in a particular area.

SmartCharts makes it easy for real estate professionals to show their clients and prospects exactly what’s happening with pricing, sales, time on market and other points of interest. These charts and graphs can be embedded on websites, posted on social media or shared with prospective clients.

“The number one thing that homebuyers and sellers want to know is ‘How’s the market in our local area?’ and at RBI we are dedicated to providing agents with the most comprehensive tools to answer that question,” said Jonathan Hill, President at RBI. “With the launch of the revamped SmartCharts, we dramatically improved our application by adding a multitude of new market information and features that allow our customers to position themselves as the market authority for their area.”

As of today, RBI statistics will be moving from to If you are not a current rbiEXPERT customer, you will be prompted to register in order to access free stats. If you are an existing rbiEXPERT customer, your current username and password will be valid on the new site.

In addition to SmartCharts Pro, rbiBROKER is now SmartCharts for Brokers and provides powerful insights into agent productivity and competitive market reports. To learn more about SmartCharts, SmartCharts Pro or SmartCharts for Brokers and to get all of the housing stats for the Mid-Atlantic, please visit

About RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC
RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC (RBI) is a primary source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for real estate professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region. Monthly reports for all jurisdictions in the MRIS region, along with interactive charts and graphics, can be found at RBI is the only company in the Mid-Atlantic region that provides timely, online access to statistical information directly from the MRIS Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Early last year, RBI partnered up with CoreLogic to launch MARKETrends Premium, an application delivering statistics from both MLS and public records data for Real Estate professionals. MARKETrends Premium is available in over 130 different markets nationwide. Visit to learn more.

About MRIS
MRIS is Real Estate in Real Time™. We’re a leading provider of real estate information technology and services, and are frequently ranked among the most productive Multiple Listing Services (MLS) in the nation, facilitating over $45 billion in system wide sales in 2013. In its core market, MRIS supports over 45,000 real estate professionals spanning the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. MRIS provides a portfolio of technology solutions and proprietary databases for real estate professionals, as well as broker and agent software products and an industry-leading consumer portal, (formerly HomesDatabase). In addition, the CURE Solutions Group, a subsidiary of MRIS, provides proprietary back-end technology to other MLS systems, serving nearly 180,000 customers each day. Visit MRIS at and our web based TV station, “Like” us on Facebook/MRISonFB, follow us on Twitter, @MRIS_REal_News and be sure to visit for real-time news and company updates.

Jun 23 14

W&R Studios gets a facelift

by Greg Robertson

You may have read about a project I’ve been working on to add signage to our offices in Huntington Beach. The signage was installed last week and came out beautiful! One of those rare projects that came out better than I imagined. Thought I would share some of the photos I took of the building. You can click on each photo for a larger image.

Signage - Up View

Signage from the West

Signage from the East

Jun 20 14


by Greg Robertson


My thanks to Trulia for sponsoring Vendor Alley. If you are interested in learning more about Trulia’s MLS programs just click on their ad (green box) to the right.

Jun 19 14 hit with DDoS attack.

by Greg Robertson

Move, Inc. Reports a Distributed Denial of Service Attack

“The attack directs massive amounts of traffic to our websites and makes®, Top Producer® Systems, and Move’s other Internet services inaccessible. Move operates®, the official website of the National Association of REALTORS®.

This can happen to anyone. As a business owner that relies on the internet to generate revenue it’s something I worry about everyday. I can only imagine the stress their tech teams have been under. I hope they are able to resolve this soon.

Jun 17 14

Listing Precog

by Greg Robertson

(FYI: There is no sound to this video)