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Apr 28 15

Broker Public Portal elects “board of managers”

by Greg Robertson

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.16.45 AM

Broker Public Portal Elects First Board of Managers

“There is a tremendous amount of support and momentum throughout the MLS and brokerage communities to create a new choice for how and where to display their listings,” commented Robert Moline of Home Services of America. “And the formation of our Board of Managers is a significant step forward in our ability to deliver on that goal through the creation of a national broker public portal.”

Having Moline as part of this and making a statement is pretty legit. Still a bit skeptical, but they seem to be hitting their goals at a good clip.

That logo tho….

Apr 27 15

Can you spot the developers in this picture?

by Greg Robertson

Main Street Coders550

Apr 24 15

Congratulations Brian Larson!

by Greg Robertson


Or should I say Dr. Brian Larson. : )

Apr 23 15

CRMLS pitches statewide MLS with video and social media

by Greg Robertson

itsmybusiness 225I’m not sure how new this site is, I just ran across it in my Twitter feed this morning. It looks like Art Carter and his team at CRMLS are starting to ramp up the California Statewide MLS initiative again. The new site, dubbed, leverages a lot of videos and their twitter banner is a hoot.

The first attempt at a California statewide MLS , calREDD, was a disaster. CalREDD was full of C.A.R.’s hubris, arrogance, and most of all, incompetence at running an MLS (at any size.) But Art seems to be taking a more nuanced and pragmatic approach. Plus Art’s already proven he can be successful running the largest MLS in the country, CRMLS. Here’s one of the videos from the site titled, “Why This Campaign?”

Message from Art Carter from August Partners on Vimeo.

Case in point is at 1:55 of this video, where Art states…

“I think there are some compelling reasons why the 50 or some odd MLSs in the state of California should come together as one, but if that doesn’t occur, the data needs to come together as one.”

Sounds like a reasonable person, not at all crazy.

I gotta say this is a pretty ballsy move by Art. There’s a lot of baggage left over from calREDD, and lets face it, the odds of putting together a statewide MLS in California is pretty slim. But, this type of thinking represents a change in attitudes in many MLS executives. These kind of MLS execs are not afraid of asking the “whys”, not afraid to mess with the status quo, almost looking for a big fight/challenge.

I know a lot of MLS providers will be looking at what happens in California with great interest, and so will a lot of vendors.

Apr 22 15


by Greg Robertson

1000watt Consulting may have just given the entire brokerage industry a rally cry….

Here’s a expcerpt from Joel Burslem’s post “The Zillow Effect

And while Zillow representatives talk about how they “don’t want to get into the MLS business,” I think that’s rather like Uber saying it “doesn’t want to get into taxi cab business.

Both may be true statements of intent, but perhaps not of effect.

As someone who works every day with brokers to define their future, I think the effects are what really matter.

I believe Zillow has built that marketplace Barton described from the stage in San Francisco nearly a decade ago.”

Emphasis mine.

So smart, I wish I wrote it. Go read the post now.

Apr 22 15

MFRMLS and FMLS to provide Cloud CMA as a free MLS member benefit

by Greg Robertson

Cloud CMA no slogan2 huge MLSs buy popular CMA tool for their members

Paul Hagey from Inman News:

“The tens of thousands of members of My Florida Regional MLS and Atlanta-based First Multiple Listing Service now receive the popular cloud-based comparative market analysis tool, Cloud CMA, for free.

By adding the 41,000-plus members of the large Maitland, Florida-based MLS and the 27,000-plus members of the big Atlanta MLS to the tally, more than 210,000 real estate agents now receive Cloud CMA as a free MLS member benefit, according to the tool’s maker, W&R Studios.”

Dan and I want to thank Merri Jo and Cantey for their confidence and support. And also our very own Katie Smithson for getting both these deals done.

I was just looking at our internal dashboard this morning. Over 2.8 million Cloud CMA reports have been generated. Hard to believe. Many of you who read this blog have helped us achieve this level of success, so many thanks to all of you too.

Read the full press release here.

Apr 21 15

Pro Tip: Features

by Greg Robertson

Via @gruber

Apr 20 15

RIP Brian Wharton and Austin Drew of ARMLS.

by Greg Robertson


“The ARMLS family is sad to announce that we recently lost two of our own. Brian Wharton (62), former Business Development Manager, passed away on April 4, 2015. Austin Drew (39), Director of MLS Operations, passed away on April 17, 2015. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to the Wharton and Drew families.”

I worked with them both. Just brutal. Condolances go out to both their families.


Apr 17 15

Pro Tip: Product Videos

by Greg Robertson

I’ve been doing these kinds of videos for awhile now. I was typically using an iPhone to shoot them. They came out pretty good. I like having a person, instead of just a screencast. I think it gives us a more personal vibe.

I recently bought a new camera (I’m a Nikon guy, but for video everyone told me I needed a Canon 5D Mark III, so I bought it) and microphone setup. And the improvement to quality has been astounding. The video below is our latest (Frances Brittle, our director of marketing at W&R Studios, is the women in the video).

I use iMovie to edit. to buy the background music. Keynote for the slides and animation. And if I need to capture video off my computer I use ScreenFlow for Mac.

A company called Wistia has a great blog with lots of free tutorials and tips on how to create them. They have been a great resource, check them out.

Apr 16 15

Zillow “whistleblower” revealed

by Greg Robertson

Nice scoop from Andrea Brambila at Inman News.

Zillow whistleblower revealed

“The whistleblower that alleged Zillow steals data from agent websites and scrapes from is anonymous no more: he is Chris Crocker, Zillow’s now former vice president of strategic partnerships.”