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Nov 5 19

Thank you Bob Goldberg

by Greg Robertson
St. Goldberg

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to the National Association of REALTORS CEO, Mr. Bob Goldberg.

Why do you ask? Well, let me tell you. While the NAR Annual Conference is the biggest show of the year, having a half-day on Monday always seems a bit too much. We have a large team going and that Monday morning on the trade show floor was always tough.

So, thank you, Bob and your team for deciding to cut the NAR Annual trade show short by one day (Monday). This means we can go home to our families sooner, and we save money on travel and hotel expenses.

So from me and the livers of vendors everywhere, thank you, Bob!

Nov 5 19

Remine inks state-wide exclusive multi-product deal with First MLS

by Greg Robertson

Georgia’s FMLS licenses Exclusive Rights to Remine Listing Input, Remine Docs, and Remine Agent Pro

“Remine and FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service) announced a new partnership today that dramatically upgrades the technology, data and tools available to Atlanta-area real estate professionals. Under the terms of the deal, FMLS will provide the Remine MLS system as a member benefit. This system includes Remine Listing Input, Remine Docs and Remine Agent Pro. All functions will be provided with high availability ensuring that brokers and agents will have access 24/7 to get their business done.”

It looks like a “system of choice” play. So not a stand-alone MLS System. Also, Remine seems to tout an Upstream alternative with their rumored listing input module (LIM). But obviously, Jeremy knows his standards so there could a path for a broker to enter into one LIM and then send it off to multiple MLS organizations.

No launch date is being mentioned publicly, but Remine is going to need a lot of cooperation from Corelogic to make this happen.

These “exclusive” deals are tricky and I’m surprised Remine is going this route. First off it set a precedent for other negotiations going forward and second it puts your customers in charge of expansion (which can be hit or miss).

Nov 4 19

Jay Thompson pens definitive post on why pocket listings hurt consumers

by Greg Robertson

Pocket listings are bad for consumers — period

“But we got the home sold for what the seller wanted, and it was less hassle for them! That’s all that matters.”

Well, except you’ll never know if being available on the open market would have brought a higher price. And yes, the seller’s needs matter. So do the needs of the real estate industry. Your seller was not best served by withholding their listing from the MLS. They just weren’t. And if you publicly market their house, their privacy is gone, MLS or not.

The client doesn’t always know best. If you have a buyer client who says, “I don’t want to live in a black neighborhood,” are you going to chant, “all that matters is what the client wants” mantra?”

Jay Thompson

This is a brilliantly written piece. It should be required reading for anyone making decisions about pocket listings and the MLS. Jay goes over the differences between “coming soon” listings (as opposed to “here and now”) and “pocket listings” along with other nuances in the market. Bravo Jay.

Nov 4 19

Put it on The MLS 3

by Greg Robertson
Nov 4 19

CRS expands with seven new MLS customers

by Greg Robertson

CRS Data Expands Reach With Seven New MLS Customers

Serving more than 1,000 counties across all regions of the U.S., CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite integrates seamlessly with any MLS system, offering accessibility across mobile devices.

“I most often hear our customers rave about our dedication to product upgrades and customer service,” said Matt Casey, CEO of CRS Data. “Our team has earned our reputation as the leading property data company by integrating the newest technologies, innovating across the property technology space and partnering with best-in-class vendors. Our MLS Tax Suite continues to deliver exactly what each of our partners need, zero upselling required.”

Seven new MLS Providers in less than 6 months. Nice job CRS!

Nov 1 19

Secrets of a Smarter MLS Episode 2: Karen Kage, Realcomp CEO | Battles won, Battles Lost

by Greg Robertson

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Andy Woolley of :

Karen Kage entered into the MLS industry looking for a job, not a career, answering a job wanted ad for a statistical typist at the local real estate association. That was before MLS books, in the late 1970’s, and today she is one of the most well respected CEO’s in the industry. How’s that for a career path?

Her dream job is to coach the Detroit Lions, current head coach Matt Patricia better watch out. Karen would lead the Lions sidelines with the same no nonsense, honest, and caring approach she leads Realcomp’s team of 31 employees, serving 16,400 customers.

In this episode, we explore Karen’s path to becoming CEO, her leadership style, her experience battling the FTC and a protracted class-action lawsuit, and her advice for today’s emerging MLS leaders. 

Listen on the web at Secrets of a Smarter MLS

Nov 1 19

Put it on The MLS 3

by Greg Robertson


Nov 1 19

Somebody tell Compass…

by Greg Robertson

I’m impressed with Bright MLS‘ response to Compass’ “pre-litigation” letter. Brian Donnellan letter showed leadership and had very cogent responses to Compass’ concerns.

Here are a few things I found interesting in both these letters and other scuttlebutt.

From the Compass letter…

“The policy is further problematic because of Bright’s high market share, and the fact that the MLS is an essential service.”

Cory Perkins, Compass

Someone should tell Cory that the broker’s narrative is that there are too many MLS organizations.

A couple things from Brian’s letter back to Compass

As you are aware, we reached out to Compass’ executive team multiple times for feedback in advance of announcing this Policy. In response, we were informed by one Compass executive that the company had “no opinion” on the Policy and were told by a second executive that he “agreed with the core tenets of the Policy.” Two weeks after we provided you with a draft of the Policy, I personally responded to your email on October 16 with another offer to meet and discuss it – but
you did not respond.

Brian Donnellan, Bright MLS

This is chickenshit on Compass’ part. Why is it that nobody can just pick up the phone and work things out anymore? Your first move is to send a “pre-litigation letter” and make it public? Not a good look.

“Bright is standing up for Fair Housing

History has shown that many times listings are kept out of the MLS to avoid–whether or not intentionally–certain demographic subsets of potential buyers or to circumvent the rules applicable to MLS listings that promote standards for ethical and complete information.”

Brian Donnellan, Bright MLS

Fuck yeah! When I first read Compass’ letter I had my own take. I’ve been writing about how I thought that the Fair Housing concerns were not brought up enough in regard to the pocket listing debate. It’s great to see Bright MLS show leadership again, especially in this area.

I also heard that in some costal cities Compass is very successful at double-ending many deals, over 30%. Which means they can offer attractive splits to their agents, which also helps recruiting efforts. So this is a real threat to their business model.

Last thing is that I’ve heard through the grapevine is Compass does not have the same problem with MRED’s implementation of 8.0. I’m not sure what the big differences are between Bright MLS “coming soon” policy and MRED’s PLN. Could it be Bright MLS’ $5,000 fine? It would be good to get some clarification from Compass regarding their stance about this.

Still a lot of days left till NAR Annual. 🍿

Nov 1 19

Remembering Cathy

by Greg Robertson

Cathy Holefelder Named To CMLS Hall of Fame

“Cathy Holefelder was the epitome of an MLS executive with conviction. I think I speak for all of us in thanking her for the lessons learned,” said Chris Carrillo, CEO of Metro MLS and Chair of CMLS. “She helped move us forward, and I know her work will inspire many future MLS leaders as it inspired me.”
Holefelder, who was senior vice president of Heartland MLS where she was a leader for over 30 years, passed away last Feb. 19. She was 60.”


This was announced a couple weeks ago at the CMLS Conference. She was one of the good ones.

Life is short people, act accordingly.

Oct 31 19

Happy Halloween!

by Greg Robertson

Happy Halloween from W+R Studios!