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Dec 21 18

Video: Some Holiday Fun

by Greg Robertson

The crew at W+R Studios have put together another fun video for the holidays. Hope you enjoy!

Candy Cane Taste Testing

Happy Holidays everyone!

Dec 19 18

Jeremy Crawford named as new CEO of FMLS

by Greg Robertson

Cantey Davis today named Jeremy Crawford as the new CEO at FMLS.  Cantey has served as CEO of FMLS for the past 18 years of his 46 years in the real estate business.  The transition will happen in January 2019.

Jeremy is currently the CEO of RESO and will resign from that position and move from Dallas to Atlanta.  No word on his replacement at RESO.

I’m going to miss Cantey’s wry smile and sense of humor.  In his letter he quoted Mark Frost

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow, What a Ride!

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Dec 18 18

Cloud CMA iBuyer Connect Webinar

by Greg Robertson

I’m going to be hosting an iBuyer Connect webinar tomorrow (12/19) at 10:30 AM PT.  If you are interested in finding out how Cloud CMA agents are using iBuyer Connect to bring cash offers to their listing presentations please join me.  

I will be interviewing Tony Diaz, founder of Flip Wolf, the company we are partnering with in our Southern California test market.  Tony and I will be talking about how iBuyer Connect works and the success agents are finding using Cloud CMA and iBuyer Connect.

To Register Please click the link below

Webinar: Generating Cash Offers with Cloud CMA

Dec 17 18

Vendor Alley 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

by Greg Robertson

Here are a few items that any vendor would love to see under their tree or in their stocking.

  1.  AirFly from Twelve South- So you love your wireless noise canceling headphones, but can’t watch the movie on the airplane?  No problemo!  These are handy in just those type of situations.  One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is not to forget this sucker is plugged in when you deboard.
  2. Book: Who is Michael Ovitz – This was a enjoyable and fast read about one of Hollywood’s biggest deal makers and entrepreneurs.  
  3. MoKo Wireless Charger – If you have a new mobile phone that wirelessly charges you should order one of these.  I have an iPhone X and it works great.  The best feature about this is that it’s NOT a mat.  The stand puts the phone at an angle so you can read it.
  4. 2019 Swanepoel Trends Report – I’m about half-way through this year’s edition and as usual Swanepoel and his team has offered some great insights.  Best thing to do is order multiple copies for your team members.
  5. Monoprice Ultra Slim Series Active High Speed HDMI Cable – As a former A/V guy I’m kind of a cable nut.  Here’s the perfect HDMI cable for the next time you do a demo in your hotel suite.  It’s thin and about 15 feet long.  So it’s easy to throw in your suitcase and is long enough so you can reach the flat screen in your hotel room and sit somewhere comfortably.  You’re welcome.

Dec 13 18

Vendor Spotlight: Zvi Band, CEO of Contactually

by Greg Robertson

I wanted to give a quick shout out to Zvi Band who is publishing a book called “Success is in Your Sphere”.    Here’s a blurb about the book.

The idea behind the book is simple. Effective relationship marketing is not about acquiring new relationships; it’s about deepening relationships with the influential and important people in your network – those centers of influence who can help you achieve your business goals and objectives. It’s about building habits and incorporating strategies that will help you deepen those relationships on a daily basis.

Earlier this year I had a great conversation with Zvi about maintaining relationship in business and life.  You can listen to the podcast here.

If you want to find out more about Zvi’s new book and get updates click the link below:

2018 Success is in Your Sphere by Zvi Band

Dec 11 18

MRED CEO, Rebecca Jensen named “2019 Real Estate Newsmaker” Futurist

by Greg Robertson

From RISMedia...

Rebecca Jensen is the president and CEO of MRED, a leading MLS that serves over 45,000 REALTORS® in one of the largest marketplaces in the U.S. In the past year, MRED has made advancements in its goals of consolidating, improving standards, and refining technology. The Bloomington-Normal Association of REALTORS® will become the 14th REALTOR® association to obtain its MLS and related services from MRED.

If you haven’t listened to my latest interview with Rebecca Jensen on Listing Bits, you should. Easy to see why she deserves this recognition. Congrats!

Dec 11 18

When Software Eats Real Estate

by Greg Robertson

Hug your kids.

Dec 11 18

UpstreamRE is switching vendors

by Greg Robertson


Upstream Charts New Direction

“Upstream’s leadership paired its discussions with NAR with a review of various options for powering the Upstream project in 2019 and beyond. With the completion of RPR’s development of the Upstream system that process is now complete and Upstream has selected a new vendor well positioned to deliver Upstream’s industry-wide platform and at a speed of implementation necessary to secure significant adoption during the coming year. Upstream expects to announce the name of the new vendor in January 2019 soon after final negotiations on a definitive agreement are complete.”

15 million dollars, gone. No talk about whether or not NAR members will ever be paid back.

Last time we heard from UpstreamRE (May 18) they were about to “add to five to six markets per month

What a shit show.

And now this Upstream mess is starting to leak out to the main stream media, check out this article from “The Real Deal”.

NAR vs. the naysayers
The nation’s most powerful real estate trade association has poured millions into tech, but some say it may be too little, too late.

In the article Alex Lange seems to throw NAR (via RPR) under the bus,

“Upstream’s Lange, who took over in 2016, acknowledged that while the work is complex, Realtors Property had taken “entirely too long to build this.” But, he said, because Realtors Property was “building it for me for free, I kind of have to go with it.””

But, the last line of the article might be the most prophetic…

““It’s hard not to lose face if you just back away now,” he said. “Yet there isn’t a face-saving option that’s available.”

Ya think??

So who is this mystery “new vendor”? Doesn’t appear an RFP was ever sent out. In a correspondence to brokers, sent from UpstreamRE CEO Alex Lange, stated….

We targeted a new partner that will multiply our acceleration technically, geographically and politically.

Has anyone at UpstreamRE ever heard of under promise, over deliver?

The only vendor that make sense would be a vendor like CoreLogic, but wouldn’t that kind of conflict with there existing MLS provider partnerships? Or maybe a newer vendor like Remine or Homesnap. Taking Upstream on would be a huge distraction for either of them. Remine is launching their “MLS 2.0” product and Homesnap is still trying to figure out how to let consumers search for homes with pools.

The spot light on any vendor would be pretty bright. And for what? A way for brokers to be sued by the DOJ for anti-trust?

Dec 4 18

Listing Bits Episode 39: Facilitating the Shift to RESO Web API with Rebecca Jensen of the MLS Grid

by Greg Robertson

We’ve all heard the rallying cry to drop RETS and move over to the RESO Web API. What’s been less clear is exactly how to go about making that transition. So, what’s step one? How exactly might vendors help make this shift happen?

Rebecca Jensen is the President and CEO at Midwest Real Estate Data, the real estate data aggregator that provides the Chicagoland multiple listing service to more than 45K subscribers. Under Rebecca’s leadership, MRED was named Most Innovative MLS by Inman News. Rebecca also serves as the Board Chair for MLS Grid, a technology company created by MLSs across the country to deliver on the RESO Standards and provide vendors with a single access point for the data of participating MLSs in addition to a unified licensing agreement, standardized business rules and policing processes.

Today, Rebecca explains how the MLS Grid provides both a unified data feed and compliance process. She shares the tech company’s progress in getting the IDX feed and licensing agreements up and running as well as her long-term vision to have all software connect through the platform. Rebecca discusses the cost to vendors to access MLS data through the Grid and walks us through her efforts to facilitate a graceful transition from RETS to Web API. Listen in to understand the opportunity for vendors to test their apps against new systems like MLS Grid and get access to MRED’s step-by-step guide for RESO Web API adoption.


What’s Discussed:

How the MLS Grid serves as a unified platform to deliver RESO standards

How the Grid provides a unified data feed and licensing agreement

MRED’s step-by-step guide for vendors regarding Web API adoption

MLS Grid’s work to finalize VOW and back office licensing agreements

How MLSs set prices for vendors to access their data through MLS Grid

Rebecca’s long-term vision to have all software connect through the Grid

The benefits of the unified compliance process provided by MLS Grid

Rebecca’s insight on the different ways to approach consolidation

Rebecca’s efforts to transition from RETS to Web API gracefully

How long it may take to convert a RETS infrastructure to Web API

The difference between an API and the data dictionary itself

The need for vendors to test their apps against new systems like MLS Grid

Rebecca’s call for vendors and MLSs to plan for Web API adoption



REALTORS Conference & Expo

RESO Conference

Mike Wurzer & Andy Woolley on Listing Bits EP035

MLS RoundTable


Homesnap (BPP)

MLS 2020 Agenda


Spark API

MLS Aligned

Bridge API

Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customersby Geoffrey A. Moore


Connect with Rebecca Jensen:

MLS Grid


Rebecca on LinkedIn

Nov 30 18

Industry Relations Episode 28: Predicting the Winners in Real Estate by Way of Research—with Brad Safalow

by Greg Robertson

We can all agree that the real estate industry is evolving quickly. Is there any way to predict who the winners in the space will be over the next few years? Brad Safalow has done nine years of research surveying hundreds of real estate agents on the housing market in general, online lead generation, marketing and technology. Curious what all that data might tell us about the future of industry players like Zillow, Redfin and Realogy? What about the potential market share of the growing iBuyer model? Or how independent brokerages might respond to the competition?

Brad is the founder of Please Act Accordingly Research, an independent research firm providing investment ideas to professional money managers and high-net-worth individuals. He began his career in the leveraged finance group at JPMorgan before joining RiverEdge Capital, a global equity hedge fund, where he specialized in small/mid cap stocks and short idea generation. Brad has been serving clients through PAA since 2009, generating 6+ action-oriented investment ideas annually, with high absolute return potential.

Today, Brad joins Rob and Greg to share a high-level overview of his report on the real estate industry. Brad shares his take on the challenges Zillow is facing with the backlash against Premier Agent 4 and its foray into the iBuyer market. Rob highlights the concentration of power in real estate and its influence on Zillow’s continued success, and Greg asks about the pros and cons of the iBuyer model and its potential share of the marketplace moving forward. Brad also shares his experience working with Redfin versus a traditional brokerage, and they offer insight around how Redfin’s national ad campaign might prove to be a seminal moment in the industry. Listen in to understand how independent brokerages like Keller Williams and Realogy are responding to the iBuyer threat and a potential shift in commission structure—and get Brad, Rob and Greg’s predictions around the winners and losers in the space over the next three years.


What’s Discussed:

The PAA annual survey of real estate agents

A high-level overview of Brad’s report

The reasons why Zillow’s stock is taking a hit

How Zillow’s growth depends on agent teams

Why Zillow launched Premier Agent 4

How Zillow responded to backlash against PA4

The concentration of power in the industry

Why Zillow is pursuing the iBuyer model

The iBuyer’s potential share of the market

How Zillow may profit as a mortgage business

Efforts to improve the consumer experience

Redfin vs. the traditional brokerage experience

The impact of Redfin’s national ad campaign

The effects a shift in commission structure

The fear/panic among independent brokerages

Gary Keller’s understanding of the iBuyer threat

Realogy’s doubling down on traditional strategy




The Red Dot Report

Cloud Agent Suite

W+R Studios


Connect with Brad:


PAA Research

PAA on Twitter


Connect with Rob and Greg:


Rob’s Website

Greg’s Website