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May 18 20

NAR passes “MyDX” policy, closing loophole for brokers to access their own data

by Greg Robertson

From Inman News: NAR board approves policy giving brokers back their MLS data

The policy, first proposed by the Council of MLSs (CMLS), gives MLS participants (defined as brokerage principals) the right to receive a data feed of their own listing information without restrictions on what they can do with that data. The mandatory policy applies to Realtor-affiliated MLSs nationwide. The vast majority of the 565 MLSs in the U.S. are owned and operated by Realtor associations.

“Most MLSs already allow brokers to access their own MLS content. The new national policy will close a loophole for MLSs that haven’t had a protocol in place for providing that data to their participants, and will unlock efficiencies for brokers, ensuring they don’t have to manually enter the data multiple times into their various systems and reports,” NAR said in an announcement.

Nice win for CMLS and brokers. I’m sure this will be discussed at CMLS virtual “Brings It To The Table” event this Thursday (5/21) starting at 9:00AM PT. I’ll be participating on a panel discussing the future of MLS/Real Estate data.

If you haven’t already registered you can find out more information below:

Click this link to register=> CMLS Brings It To The Table

May 15 20

Rapattoni shares product highlights for 2020

by Greg Robertson

I can’t help but think a lot of us would be in D.C. right now, seeing each other, sharing a meal, and drink or two. It was also a time when vendors would start showing off their new stuff. To that end, Rapattoni has put together a video.

I hadn’t seen Rappatoni MLS in awhile, looks like they have been spending a lot of time on improving their UI. They even have a “dark mode”! Your move CoreLogic!

You can see a lot of the feature parity now between MLS systems, driven by increased competition in this space. The UI/UX of traditional MLS systems are getting better but also starting to get a homogeneous feel about them. Paragon MLS‘ top banner with “big buttons” seems to be an outlier on the dashboard side.

I think more and more the company/people behind the products are going to be the key difference going forward. This was always the case, but I feel even more so going forward. What is leadership like, are they responsive, are they stable, are they flexible in pricing solutions? Also, the openness of each platform is going to be key.

With so many great people and companies in our industry, there will be interesting times are ahead.

May 14 20

Based on a true story…

by Greg Robertson


The guy in the truck reminds me of someone. I just can’t put my finger on who it is though…

May 12 20

Cloud CMA Live Webinar

by Greg Robertson

I’m co-hosting a webinar tomorrow at 10:00 AM PT with W+R Studios’ Chief Design Officer Damien Huze about our new Cloud CMA Live.

Cloud CMA Live is a free upgrade to Cloud CMA customers that gives them a new interactive presentation experience. It also features built-in integration with Zoom, Skype, and Google for virtual listing presentations. Plus you can add video, and add and remove comps on the fly using live MLS data.

We are going to do a full demo along with a deep-dive into the design process and choices we made with Cloud CMA Live. We will also have a Q&A at the end.

Join us! Just click on the registration link below and please share it with anyone who you think will be interested.

Webinar Registration Link => Introducing, Cloud CMA Live

May 12 20

Noah T Leask appears to have been fired as CEO of APC Data Analytics for his inappropriate behavior

by Greg Robertson
Noah T Leask

APC Data Analytics, LLC Announces New President & CEO

“It is with great pleasure that APC Data Analytics (APC) announces that co-founder, Anton Roeger IV, has taken over as President and CEO.
Roeger has been the Chief Innovation Officer at APC for nearly 3.5 years paving the way with new concepts for product development as the visionary behind the technology. In addition to CIO, Roeger co-founded the company. There is no better fit for this position than the man who started it all.”

The press release isn’t clear at all of the reasons Mr. Roeger has taken over the CEO position, but I’m making a solid guess.

Another odd thing is that Noah T Leask’s LinkedIn profile has completely disappeared. I’m not sure if this is due to my and other reporting of his inappropriate behavior to LinkedIn or part of a larger PR strategy from APC Data Analytics, LLC. [Update: This may be due to the fact I blocked him]

It’s good to know that LinkedIn doesn’t find Noah T Leask’s behavior of sending inappropriate and threatening messages acceptable.

When I first wrote about Noah T Leask sending intimating emails to a female employee at my company, Jamie Lee Derrickson and Anton Roeger IV defended Noah T Leask by saying “He is an incredibly talented and intelligent man, and obviously full of passion!”

No phone call. No formal apology. No admission of anything. Stay classy, APC Data Analytics, Stay Classy.

May 12 20

Noah T Leask of APC Data Analytics is still sending me threatening messages

by Greg Robertson

One week later. No phone call. No apologies for sending my employees threatening messages. No mea culpa for trying to intimidate my female employees. Instead, Noah T. Leask, the creepy CEO of APC Data Analytics decides to send me an emoji of a fist and the message “See you at the next event!”

What is wrong with this guy? Does he want to fight me? Are you still in 5th grade? The industry was very clear on how they felt about your behavior and now you are going to “double-down”?

And to anyone working at APC Data Analytics, none of whom I’ve ever met. You may have a great product or produce crappy software, I have no idea. How is it you condone this behavior? Your silence speaks volumes.

How is it that anyone at this point do any future business with APC Data Analytics?

I’m hoping this was sent in error, I just can’t believe people are this horrible.

May 11 20

It’s about fair housing stupid

by Greg Robertson

From the Wall Street Journal (paywall)

NAR, Real Estate’s Biggest Trade Group, Sued Over Pocket Listings Policy

“TAN, launched in 2010, is a members-only networking and communication platform for real-estate agents who can show that they are in the top 10% of producers in their geographic area, according to founder David Faudman. Its roughly 10,000 members, who pay between $475 and $675 in annual dues, frequently use the platform to share information about off-market listings, which are for sale but not in the MLS. That function is now against NAR rules, said Mr. Faudman. “We’re concerned that this could put a huge damper on TAN, to the point that it destroys the business,” he said.”

In other words, “Ever since they made discrimination illegal, it’s been bad for the discrimination business.”

And then there’s this gem.

“In addition to threatening his business model, Mr. Faudman said the new policy harms home sellers because it prevents them from choosing to market their homes privately if they wish. “There are plenty of times, certainly on the celebrity level, where they don’t want to go into the multiple listing service,” he said.”

Seriously? We are going to allow abuses in fair housing because of Kim Kardashian? 🤦‍♂️

We can do better than this people.


May 11 20

Industry Relations Episode 46: What’s Next for Real Estate—After COVID?

by Greg Robertson

Last week, Rob & Greg imagined what the future of real estate might look like in the aftermath of the pandemic, pending a best-case scenario. Today, they get real about what’s ahead for the industry given the reality of our current circumstances. And they’re bringing on a number of industry stakeholders to offer their outlook as well.

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg are leading a group chat around what’s next for real estate as the Coronavirus pandemic plays out. The group offers predictions on how the MLS landscape may change, debating whether it’s the number of MLSs or the number of MLS databases that really matters and offering examples of hybrid solutions that may serve as a model for the future.

Greg and Rob go on to solicit the group’s thoughts on the potential shape of the recovery curve and the possibility of a shift to a buyer’s market in 2021. Finally, they explain why an increase in property taxes is likely in the aftermath of the COVID-19 bailout and how that might impact buyer demand in the real estate market. Listen in for insight on Open House numbers in states where stay-at-home orders have been lifted and learn how those stats might be a good sign for other industries.

What’s Discussed: 

A review of what Rob & Greg covered in their best-case discussion

Greg, Clint & John’s predictions re: the number of MLSs by 2023

Why the consolidation of data is more important than the total number of MLSs

Tim’s vision of a future with ten or fewer MLS databases that talk to each other

How the pandemic demonstrates the industry’s underutilization of telecommunication

Why Georgia is watching the commercial market for clues re: the future of residential

Georgia’s concept of a J-shaped recovery

Why Joshua is predicting a buyer’s market in 2021

Why Greg expects a best-case scenario uptick in buyer demand

Why property taxes are likely to increase and how that might impact buyer demand

The significant uptick in Open Houses scheduled in states where stay-at-home orders have been lifted

How Open House numbers may be a good sign for other industries

Connect with Rob and Greg:

Rob’s Website

Greg’s Website


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Northstar MLS CDP


Great Recession + COVID-19 Bailout Comparison

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May 11 20

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Inside Sales Representative – RateMyAgent

“ is America’s newest real estate review platform and Australia’s No.1 real estate agent ratings and statistics website and we have ambitious plans for international growth into the USA. We are on a mission to be the global No.1 real estate ranking and statistics platform.

Our platform provides recommendations, rankings and reviews for real estate agents. We also provide real estate agents with a suite of marketing tools to promote their content across their digital landscape.”

These are a fun group of guys and are really making some headway in the market. To find out more about this job click here. To see all jobs on the Vendor Alley Job Board click here.

May 11 20

Kevin Hughes joins Black Knight MLS to lead sales. Rich Lombardi also joins to lead data effort.

by Greg Robertson

Word on the street is that Black Knight’s MLS division has made two new key hires.

Joining the Black Knight team will be industry vet Kevin Hughes. Kevin had recently done posts at CSS and CEO of BoxMLS. Before that Kevin was a founder and did sales for Clareity Security. Clareity was acquired by CoreLogic in 2017.

Word is Kevin will be in charge of all MLS sales and Business Development.

Also joining BK is Richard Lombardi will serve as senior vice president for Data Strategy & Innovation. Rich served as the chief operating officer of ATTOM Data Solutions, before that he was vice president of Data Solutions and Licensing at CoreLogic, responsible for overall sales strategy and field engagement within the National Licensing division.

This news follows after last month’s announcement that Bill Andrews and Annette Sheffler had also joined the company. Bill had recently left Remine and Annette had recently left Sentrilock.

It’s been said by a lot of folks in the industry, you gotta play defense, but at some point, you gotta start playing offense. Chip McAvoy is clearly drawing a few circles on the chalkboard. The Black Knight team has a lot of confidence is there new Paragon Connect product/strategy and making moves to capitalize on it.

Huge congrats to Kevin. He has such a great spirit and I wish him well in his new role.