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Apr 1 14

Link list of best April Fool’s Day Posts.

by Greg Robertson

44413491_head_getty_203-The largest brokers in the country want to start their own private MLS.
-The whole debate that “Pocket Listings” are the beginning of the end of MLS.
-A well respected MLS vendor changes its name to “Black Knight”.
-This site still exists (and this post might triple their traffic. You’re welcome.)
-Errol Samuelson defects to Zillow.
-Sami Inkinen, co-founder of Trulia, is rowing across the Pacific Ocean (with his wife) to raise awareness against sugar, the “silent killer”. The name of this venture is aptly dubbed, “Fat Chance”.
-Zillow gets sued by the very industry it says its trying to “build relations” with.
-Curt Beardsley leaves MOVE and joins Zillow too.
-RPR releases version 1.29

Seriously people, for fucks’ sake, stop. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Mar 31 14

RMLS is the first to integrate with

by Greg Robertson

Portland’s RMLS is the first to integrate with, a public-facing site that serves up listing and neighborhood details

Andrea Brambila from Inman News.

When prospective homebuyers find a property they are interested in, they typically want to find out everything they can about that home, but may not be sure where to look.
That’s where ShackShout comes in. ShackShout functions as a kind of link directory of 21 websites that serve up third-party property information by address.

Very cool. HUGE congrats out to Rob Overman. I’m glad he stuck with it. Its a special kind of feeling to see an idea to fruition. Well done.

Mar 26 14

Vendor Alley is making some renovations

by Greg Robertson

Site will be a bit wonky for the time being. Hope to be up and running normal soon.

Mar 25 14

Audie Chamberlain leaving MOVE

by Greg Robertson

AudieThe talent drain continues at MOVE. Audie Chamberlain, Director of Social Media Marketing for, is leaving and joining Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions. This just after Errol Samuelson and Curt Beardsley had recently left for Zillow. Although from what I know his departure is unrelated.

Audie has been at MOVE for close to 6 years and had been named twice to the Inman‘s list of most the “100 most influential people in real estate”. Before his stint at MOVE Audie was Digital Business Coordinator at Universal Music Group and he recently joined the board of directors for the L.A. Family Housing.

Audie has always been a great representative for I’ve always appreciated his industry perspective and of course his sense of humor. He’s, in the parlance of our late night banter, “legit”. It’s truly a shame to see him go, but I am glad he is staying in the industry. We’ve shared a lot of good times at conferences, I’m going to miss that.

His new gig is with Partners Trust. They have been making a lot of waves in the real estate industry here in SoCal. Partners Trust has also been named one of “Best Places To Work In Los Angeles”. So good for him.

Please join me in wishing him well on his new gig!

Mar 24 14

T3 Summit

by Greg Robertson

T3SummitLogoI’ve been invited to participate on a panel at Stefan Swanepoel’s upcoming T3 Summit. The conference in being held April 9th – 11th in Las Vegas. Stefan is marketing the event to “Thinkers, CEOs, MLS Execs and large Broker/Owners”. I attended last year’s event, his first, and was impressed with the content. I wasn’t impressed with the location (about a 45 minute cab ride to the strip) and the emcee. But this year the hotel is much much closer to the strip and they sacked last year’s emcee.

What I was really impressed with last year was Stefan’s one-on-one interviews. One that stood out was his interview with Ron Peltier. Slides of this early childhood being projected on the screen gave a “This Is Your Life” kind of vibe. Stefan had some good questions and you really got an idea of what drives Mr. Peltier. This year Stefan will interview Dale Stinton, CEO of NAR, and Richard Smith, Chairman of REALOGY. Good stuff.

There is also a session called “The Black Swans of Real Estate” were an “annual reveal of the worst things that could happen to the real estate brokerage industry if all bets were off.” Hmmm, the “worst things that could happen”? Who would be a great choice to give that presentation? If you guessed Rob Hahn, you are correct. With all the craziness going on even Rob is going to have to come up with some doozies to impress.

Stefan doesn’t like corporate sponsors so cash bar, but if you say hello I might buy you a beer. : )

If you are interested you can find out more details here: T3 Summit Program Highlights


Mar 21 14

Brad Inman interviews Errol Samuelson

by Greg Robertson

Great interview.

Mar 20 14

Rob Overman joins Lone Wolf

by Greg Robertson

Rob-Overman---Lone-Wolf-CTORob Overman Joins The Wolf Pack as Chief Technology Officer

“We are excited to announce the addition of Rob Overman as Lone Wolf’s new Chief Technology Officer. Rob brings over 15 years of experience in the real estate technology space including software development, team management, product development, public records data services, listing data aggregation and mobile application platforms.”

Big congrats to Rob and Lone Wolf!

Mar 19 14

Remembering Pat Bybee

by Greg Robertson

Pat Bybee and me500It was about a year ago this week we lost Pat to a tragic auto accident. I recently found this old photo of her and I. I think it’s at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, when she hosted a CMLS event.

Mar 19 14

New Book => Social Media for Salespeople

by Greg Robertson

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 7.03.04 AMMy good friend Alice Myerhoff (formerly of Inman News) has penned a new e-book titled “Social Media for Salespeople“. It’s not just for salespeople, but anyone trying to gain contact and influence. I especially like the section on using LinkedIn. She’s done an amazing job, and I know all the bright, talented and good looking readers of Vendor Alley will benefit from buying a copy (Less than $5.00!) So c’mon people lets get clicking!

Mar 18 14

House of Cards

by Greg Robertson

Spencer Underwood 500 logos

Spencer Rascoff is quickly becoming the Frank Underwood of online real estate. Discuss….