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Mar 5 17

RIP CoreLogic CEO, Anand Nallathambi

by Greg Robertson

CoreLogic Announces the Passing of President and CEO Anand Nallathambi

“Anand was truly a very special and unique man. Anand led the transformation of CoreLogic into a leader in the global housing ecosystem,” stated Frank D. Martell, acting President and CEO. “He was one of those extraordinary people that everyone loved and wanted to be around. I will so miss him – his great warmth, grace, integrity and our close friendship.”

I only met him once. Sounds like it was sudden and unexpected. So sad. Much love to his family and friends.

Photo by Eugene Garcia, The Orange County Register

Mar 5 17

CSS partners with CoreLogic

by Greg Robertson

CoreLogic to integrate Centralized Showing Service with Matrix

“Under the agreement, CoreLogic will integrate and offer CSS appointment scheduling services to clients of Matrix and other CoreLogic real estate solutions. Matrix is North America’s most popular multiple listing platform and today serves 650,000 real estate professionals.

“This collaboration is momentous,” said Kevin Hughes, vice president of Business Development for CSS. “By directly integrating our showing appointment management functionality into Matrix, agents are empowered to improve their workflow, minimize missed showings, collect feedback and close more sales. It’s exciting to see our teams coming together to enable more agents to reach higher levels of productivity.”

Smart move by Kevin Hughes at CSS. ShowingTime has been on a tear lately with several acquisitions. CSS needs to make moves like these to keep them in the hunt.

Mar 1 17

Looking for a new gig?

by Greg Robertson

Membership and Marketing Manager

“The Membership and Marketing Manager is responsible for assisting the Chief Executive Officer and coordinating directly with the Chief Administration Officer in managing, developing, coordinating, directing and administering RESO’s membership, marketing and standards certification operations. As an organization that spans North America, the Membership and Marketing Manager’s physical office location is virtual, which means no relocation or daily commuting to physical office space is required for the successful candidate so long as the individual has the demonstrated ability to successfully work virtually.

Find out this job and more at the Vendor Alley Job Board.

Feb 27 17

The Rob and Greg Show

by Greg Robertson

I’ve been really having a good time with my new podcast, Listing Bits. In Episode 5 I teased that Rob Hahn (The Notorious R.O.B.) and I were launching another podcast, called “Industry Relations“. I’m happy to announce that it’s now available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher with 4 episodes.

Here’s the rundown.

In Episode 1 Rob and I discuss the state of organized real estate.
In Episode 2 we talk about the state of MLS industry.
Episode 3 we invited special guests, David Charron, Andrea Bushnell along with Sunny Lake and discuss her “NAR Girl Boss” initiative.
In episode 4 (which is just being posted) we discuss what’s going on in Canada, specifically British Columbia, and how it might effect real estate here in the U.S.

We are currently looking for sponsors. So if you want to reach some the industry finest, please drop me a line at

Feb 24 17

Life is short

by Greg Robertson

Feb 24 17

Remine inks deal with NTREIS

by Greg Robertson

NTREIS signs license with Remine to bring Big Data to North Texas

““Remine complements our existing MLS systems by adding a beautiful visualization of all our data,” said John Holley, CEO of NTREIS. “An incredible feature is their ability to reconnect with past clients, and see their propensity to sell. And then even if you’ve lost their contact info, Remine can update it.”

Leo Pareja, CEO of Remine, said “Remine will be deeply integrated with the existing front end system to create a seamless experience. We’ve designed Remine to meet the unique needs of real estate professionals; we look forward to delivering our core functionality to the community in North Texas.”

Remine has been getting a lot of buzz lately. They are hitting the ground running with many deals signed and more in the pipeline.

I think it would be fair to qualify them in the “alternative front end” or “next gen front end” category. The twist with Remine seems to be predictive data analytics and a lot of data visualization. Although I haven’t seen the product and their website is scant on any product shots or video. Unfortunately the website does include the hokey copy, “Remine was built for agents, by agents…”, which kinda made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. ; )

Remine and others are filling a vacuum left by traditional MLS vendors. They promise a modern UI and UX with a bunch of other bells and whistles. The challenge will be adoption. Will any of them change agent behavior enough to draw traffic/usage away from their “main” MLS system?

Time will tell. In my opinion we are at just at the beginning of a new cycle in MLS technology.

Feb 24 17

NNRMLS chooses new CEO, Gene Millman

by Greg Robertson

NNRMLS Welcomes New CEO

““I’m so excited to be joining the Northern Nevada Regional MLS as CEO! Even before my official start date of March 1st, everyone that I have met or spoken with has been so welcoming. My focus is to build on the strong and vibrant foundation that the previous CEOs have established and nurtured for our MLS. My extensive involvement with MLS Evolved which lead to the new BrightMLS (BrightMLS is one of the largest MLSs in the nation) allows me to bring a unique perspective to NNRMLS. Equally important, being in the real estate brokerage business for 32 years as an agent, Broker/Office manager of large regional companies and also as a Broker/Owner of my own company, affords me the opportunity to have experienced the user side of the MLS. I look forward to communicating and meeting all of you over the coming months!”

Millman is highly accomplished in the real estate industry and will bring his distinguished and time-tested record of performance as a business builder and industry thought leader to the Northern Nevada Regional MLS. He will build on the strong foundation of NNRMLS to inspire, motivate, and empower the staff and organization with a “big picture” vision, while providing the same 5-star service that the membership has grown accustomed to.”

To me NNRMLS has been a fountainhead of talent for the MLS industry. This is a great opportunity for Mr. Millman. Congrats!

Feb 24 17

Austin and San Antonio consider consolidating to one MLS system

by Greg Robertson

ABoR and SABOR Consider Merging MLS Systems

“While still in the feasibility phase, this consideration has emerged amid rapid development throughout the Central and South Texas areas, further blending Austin and San Antonio. In addition, it is driven by changing dynamics in the real estate industry, including opportunities to leverage cooperation and technology to create order across the marketplace, enhance offerings and maintain affordable rates for our subscribers.”

Interesting to see if this plays out. Getting to the point of these discussions is a huge accomplishment. In a recent post by Brian Boero of 1000watt he stated his thoughts in regards to MLS consolidation…

1. It should probably happen where MLS boundaries are significantly incongruent with natural market areas and impose burdens of time and cost on brokers and agents

2. It should probably happen if an MLS’s broker and agent customers are consistently unhappy with product, service, scope of activity or management.

3. It should probably happen if a strong business case can be made that combination will create a stronger organization with more human and financial capital directed at supporting brokers and agents.

Everything else? Case-by-case.

I think this merger idea meets a lot of his criteria. Although, having lived in San Antonio, I think culturally Austin and San Antonio are an odd fit.

Feb 17 17

Cloud Agent Summit

by Greg Robertson

My company, W+R Studios, is hosting our first big event for customers here in Southern California. We are only about 10 tickets away from selling out. Super proud of our marketing team, led by our director of marketing Frances Brittle, for making this happen and can’t wait till next week! If it goes well we might be coming to a city near you.

Feb 16 17

Inman News to ban “unsanctioned parties”

by Greg Robertson

I guess you gotta fight, for your right, to party.

In an email titled “An update on our event policy…” a representative from Inman News laid down some stringent policy changes regarding its event policy in relation to “unsanctioned parties”.

“In a few short months, nearly 4,000 industry professionals will gather in sunny San Francisco for Inman Connect. Each year, companies host dozens of parties and events that surround the conference, taking advantage of having the best of the industry in one place.

We’ve introduced a special sponsorship level for companies who host satellite events at Connect for 30+ people that provides additional visibility to attendees and influencers they hope to connect with, while ensuring that the Connect attendee experience isn’t compromised.

Due to the negative impact that unsanctioned parties have on the conference, we have implemented a more stringent event policy for companies who choose to host events at and around Inman Connect without directly participating in the conference as a sponsor. The policy will be strictly enforced and violations will result in revocation of attendee badges, speaker spots and other sanctions at the sole discretion of Inman.

Emphasis mine.

I would argue that instead of being a “negative impact” or having the event being “compromised” the amount of industry parties being held around the conference is a huge draw.

No doubt Brad and his team have done a great job in putting together a great show, but threats of revoking badges and speaker slots is pretty draconian by any standard. How is having a party any different than having a meeting in the lobby with someone? What’s next? Do they shut down the lobby bar or Starbucks in order to get more people in to the sessions?

I sincerely hope Inman News reconsiders this policy before Inman Connect in San Francisco.