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REcore [Sponsor]

Don’t forget to register for REcore’s webinar tomorrow. See you there!:

My thanks again to REcore in sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley!

REcore [Sponsor]

My thanks to REcore for sponsoring Vendor Alley this month.

Creating reliable, expertly designed business solutions for MLSs and Associations is the heart of REcore. Because REcore offers MLS SaaS (Software as a Service), our technology and applications are managed through our direct cloud services, so we can deliver the latest processes right to your business at no hassle to you.

Join Art Carter, Amy Gorce, and Katie Smithson for an upcoming webinar on February 21 to learn more about how REcore’s technologies will revolutionize the real estate industry. 

My thanks again to REcore.

REcore [Sponsor]

My thanks to REcore for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley.

REcore was created by MLS experts to provide modern, sophisticated offerings to MLSs and Associations. REcore has created both SaaS and data licensing solutions, providing simple ways for agents, brokers, and consumers to make quality real estate decisions using listing data and technology.

Join Art Carter, Amy Gorce, and Katie Smithson for an upcoming webinar on February 21 to learn more about how REcore’s technologies will revolutionize the real estate industry. 

I’ve previously written about REcenterhub, which you should definitely check out. My thanks again to REcore.

Trackxi [Sponsor]

My thanks to Trackxi for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley.

Trackxi is a simple solution for real estate deal tracking. Trackxi lets agents, teams, and transaction coordinators keep track of all their transactions from listing to closing. Easily manage 1 to 100+ transactions at a time. Plus get a high level overview and prioritize your day easily.

Request a demo today and see how Trackxi can help.

My thanks again to Trackxi for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley.

Trackxi [Sponsor]

My thanks to Trackxi for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley!

Trackxi helps real estate agents, teams and transaction coordinators manage and track all the tasks in real estate deals, while keeping their clients and partners updated with a fun and simple interface.

These guys are a bootstrapped software company out of Portland, Oregon.  I met one of their founders, Vijay through a few introductions and really like what they have created.

Besides just a super simple way of keeping track of tasks, Trackxi also includes a light CRM, and a fun “pizza tracker” visual interface for clients.

To find out more please visit their website. My thanks again to Trackxi.

The MLS Grid [Sponsor]

My thanks to The MLS Grid for sponsoring this month’s Vendor Alley. They have a cool infographic how 4 simple steps will make getting the data you need to easier using uniform licensing, data feeds, and compliance. Whether you are a broker, MLS, or application vendor The MLS Grid is designed to make your life easier. My thanks again to The MLS Grid.

Vendor Alley Sponsorships open for 2024

Vendor Alley Sponsorships are now open for 2024. I haven’t promoted that I’m selling sponsorships for 2024 yet but organically companies have reached out and I’ve already sold 3 months. These are all repeat customers.

To see what months are left please visit here.

Sponsorships on Vendor Alley are for a full month.  You get your logo on the site all month.  Plus I write a “thank you” post every week during that month (4 total).  You can just send me the copy you want to post, or I can take your copy and write it in my own voice.  Totally up to you.

Here’s an example

I have close to 900 industry people that are signed up to receive email alerts every time I post something.  So those email recipients will see your posts at least 4 times during that month.

Also, I’m doing a couple new things this year…

A site redesign. I’m going super minimal this time and it’s going to make your ad pop.

It will also include a super cool “dark mode“.

Also I’m including an interview on my Listing Bits podcast.  So that is something else you are can promote and I will also post it on my blog,  giving you effectively 5 posts during that month. Keep in mind I’m still going to do other Listing Bits podcasts along with these sponsored ones.

Here’s an example.

Total cost of sponsorship is $6,000.

I expect the remaining sponsorship slots to go fast. If you are interested reach out to me at gregrobertson@gmail.com and I will send you an invoice which will also serve as an insertion order.  First come first serve.

Thanks for your support.

The MLS Grid [Sponsor]

My thanks again to The MLS Grid for supporting this month of Vendor Alley. Coming off the news of the elections results of RESO I also want to point out some of the additional benefits The MLS Grid provides the industry.

The Grid is RESO in action! Everything related to The MLS Grid is RESO compliant, from the Web API to the Data Dictionary compliant database.

It’s technology, NOT politics!  The MLS Grid solves a massive technical need in the real estate industry by streamlining broker and vendor access to standardized listing data in a tightly controlled system.

Innovation! The MLS Grid cuts through the red tape and barriers allowing brokers, MLSs and vendors to direct resources toward innovative products.

Lower costs of doing business! Dealing with ONE entity for MLS-wide data feeds will save your business real dollars.

To find out more click here.

MLS GRID [Sponsor]

My thanks to our newest sponsor, MLS GRID. At its core MLS GRID is an opportunity to outsource an MLS’ data feed process. Streamlining to use one license agreement, eliminating redundancies such as compliance, and a single point for data distribution and license fee collection helps make it efficient and cost-effective for each participating MLS. I’ve often wrote that I have an affinity towards software solutions that do few tasks, but do them very well, and I would put MLS GRID in that category.

If you MLS organization needs help with Data Licensing, Data Distribution, Data-Sharing, Compliance, and Billing. MLS Grid will help you raise the bar on your MLS Data.

If you have any questions or want more information just visit this page.

Listing Bits Episode 87: Ben Graboske’s Big Bet

In 2020 Ben knew they needed to make a change.  So he went to the Black Knight board and made a pitch, “give me the resources to build a modern MLS system”.  To his surprise, they said yes. Now, 3 years later, that dream has been realized.

His dream was a mobile-first MLS platform that understands the history of how MLS platforms operate but offers a modern user experience.

That’s exactly what Ben Graboske and Lucie Fortier are working on, and their new product, Paragon Connect, is ready for its close up.

Ben is President of Data & Analytics and Lucie is Executive Vice President of MLS Solutions at Intercontinental Exchange or ICE, the financial services firm that bought Black Knight in September 2023.

On this episode of Listing Bits, Ben and Lucie join Greg to discuss ICE’s history of digitizing complex transactions and explain why its acquisition of Black Knight makes sense.

Lucie shares her motivation for joining the team at Intercontinental Exchange, and Ben describes how ICE’s resources benefit his department in the development of Paragon Connect.

Listen in to understand what differentiates Paragon Connect from other MLS vendors and learn how it simplifies the agent experience by providing an entire MLS platform on both a responsive and native app.

What’s Discussed:  

ICE’s history of digitizing complicated transactions and why its acquisition of Black Knight makes sense

How being an MLS vendor supports ICE’s vision for making mortgages easier

Lucie’s journey to joining the ICE team and how technology drives her career decisions

What features differentiate Paragon Connect from other MLS vendors

Why Ben’s team decided not to change Paragon’s name (despite offering an entirely new experience)

How Paragon Connect provides an entire MLS platform in a native app experience

The talented team of designers behind Paragon Connect

How Ben’s team benefits from ICE’s data assets and information security

Lucie’s approach to transitioning existing users to Paragon Connect

How Paragon is introducing a consumer app in Q1 of 2024

Why the rules around marketing to members need to change in an MLS system-of-choice model

What makes Paragon Connect ‘the MLS platform of the future’

Connect with Ben Graboske & Lucie Fortier:

Intercontinental Exchange

Ben on LinkedIn

Lucie on LinkedIn

Email lucie.fortier@bkfs.com 


ICE Acquisition of Black Knight

Paragon Connect Demo

Damien Huze on Listing Bits EP85

Paragon Connect on Vendor Alley

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